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I Want to Be Myself
I Want to Be Myself

I Want to Be Myself

9 Reviews

I want to be myself.

You’ve cheated me, but I don’t say anything
You’ve pasted bad posters of me,
But I don’t say anything.
Your group teased me, but I don’t say anything.
You are doing this just because I denied your proposal.
You may look strong, cool and handsome but
It is my choice and it will remain my choice
to choose the right person who loves me.
You don’t care about my talent, my hobbies,
You are not interested in my life and in my goods and bad.
You just want me as a thing that,
you can show it to your mad and bad friends.
You want me to behave as you.
Want me to be dressed as per your choice.
No sir, I’ll not because I want to be myself.
That day was gross, you force fully kissed me,
without even thinking about me. So I pushed you badly.

But in anger, you’ve done whatever you want to do
to embrace me, to demotivate me.
But what do you think I’ll quite. No.
I can paste your bad posters, can embrace you,
I front of everyone.
I can tell your new girlfriend to cheat you.
I can make your everyday hell and really bad.
But I don’t want to do this because
I simply don’t want to be you. I forgive you.
I want to be myself.

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1 Feb, 2019
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1 min
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