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I want to sing for my mother

I want to sing for my mother

By DianaVictor

The little girl looked at her mother, smiling..
", my teacher asked us to write a poem to someone special for us. I want to write to brother Andy and sister Sarah but.. she said we only can write to someone. so i write for you" the little girl said. The mother smiled back and asked..
"what you've write for me dear?"
"My dear mommy.. i love you so much.. because you've raised me up even though i am just and adopted child from the nearby're my star, my sunshine,my day and my night because you always be with me every time i need you. i want to sing to you but i need to learn the correct pitch first..." the little kindergarten girl read her poem proudly to her mom..
The mother laughed and hugged her sweet adopted child.
"Cut the part 'i am adopted child" so that i'll be happier," asked the mother. The little girl nodded and immediately delete the unwanted part in her poem. She read the poem again to her mother.
"thanks my sweet Layla.. so when did you want to let me hear you sing for me?" asked the mother.
"i want to practice it first.. but i'll make sure that i sing it for you mommy.. on Mother's day next week" she made a promise to her mother. Everyday, the mother heard her little girl tried to sing a song that she never heard before..but the little girl didn't want her mother to hear her practicing the song.
"its a surprise mommy... a surprise is something that you have to wait" she said to her mother.
"OK then..i'll wait it until the time come. but make sure you sing it perfectly," warned the mother. The little girl just nodded and smiles.
"i will, just wait for my performance... the perfect performance," she said confidently.
One day, the mother heard her little girl crying. She rushed to see her child. Andy, her second child was also there.
"what happen?" she asked.
"She sing nastily and i want to take a nap, i asked her to stop.. but she wont. so i pulled her hair," admit the 10 years old brother. Layla crying and asked her mother to take her. The mother took her little girl and asked her son to apologize for hurting her.
"yeah i am sorry but now please go away and stop singing nastily in this room," he said. The mother took her little girl to her bedroom and asked her to sleep.
"Mommy, sleep with me tonight. i won't sleep alone. tomorrow is my day of performance for you.. if i can hug you for the whole night, then i'm sure i can sing it perfectly tomorrow," she said softly to her mother.
The mother smiled and lying on her girl bed until the next morning.
Layla want to make a perfect performance for her beloved mother. She's woke up earlier on that morning. She kissed her mother that was still sleeping and went to the bathroom, taking bath and wearing her best dress. She asked her sister Sarah to do her hair nicely so that she can look even prettier for her mother's special day.
"Sarah, where can i buy some flowers for mommy?"she asked.
"Of course from the florist.. but its still early now. later we go together" Sarah said. Layla sighed.
"Mommy will wake up soon.. there will be no surprise if she knew i want to give her flowers,"....Layla said.
"Mommy wake up! something happen to Layla!' cried Sarah. The whole family rushed to the nearby roadway to claim the dead body of their family member. Yeah.. Layla had passed away. She was hit by a car while trying to cross the road. She went to the garden nearby to pick some fresh daffodils for her mother to make a surprise for her.. but she never expected that she will make a big shock to them.. on her hand, she still hold a piece of paper... and the flowers spread over her dead body. The mother took the paper's she hold and read it..
I want to sing to my mother..
She is my star...she is my world..
she is everything for me...
I want to sing for my mother...
she is my second love sight..
after my passed away mom...
but my mother is the number one..
she raised me up perfectly and i understand
about the real meaning of love..
A mother's love is the second best after God's love..
My mother is everything.. i sing just for her..
But, none of them could hear her nasty voice singing anymore.. forever and ever.......... ;-(

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9 Nov, 2010
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3 mins
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