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I was just like you ...

I was just like you ...

By brittany_brat

I was just like you ...
Cutting my wrist and my arm and crying cause no one loved me...
I was just like you also waiting for him to come up to me and tell me all the feelings that he felt. I too waited for him.
I too was like you looking in the mirror trying to figure out where I fit in society....
I was just like you questioning myself and God to see if I was worthy of being me ..
and it always never fails I learned that you'll make it through.
For you my friend Someone loves you ...don't ever think for one second that no one cares it's someone behind the scenes worried about you, praying for you, concerned about you.
And for you waiting on him is not going to make him see that you love him .. move on in time he'll come to you if it's meant to be, if not then it just wasn't meant.Don't force yourself on him we as women tend to have this something about us that men go crazy for and it's called Confidence and Personality. Love yourself first cause in the end it'll make a difference.
And you my friend you are beautiful you tell society they can kiss your ass cause God made us all special and we weren't meant to be the same ... that's boring so you flaunt your stuff.
And lastly I say to you...You are worthy of being yourself let no one tell you otherwise ..God wouldn't have taken the time to create you. He wouldn't have taken the time to wake up had you not been worthy ... You can do anything you want so I say to you ... Fly on
Ask God to guide you and lead you and order all your steps ... Remember you are his child...

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13 Nov, 2011
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