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I Won't Go
I Won't Go

I Won't Go

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I won't go outside. You can't make me. I'm not ready yet. It's too scary.

Those monstrous cars are outside. They are too loud. Too fast.

It's always raining here. you know I hate getting wet, but yet you insist I need a haircut.

It's cold outside, I'd much rather curl up in my bed and fall asleep. You still try to coax me into your arms despite the warnings I give that I hate being touched.

It's dirty outside. You know I do my best to stay clean. You try to tempt me with food, but I am more sophisticated and know your true intentions aren't just to give me a treat.

Outside is chaotic, the opposite of how I like it. I know your final attempt with surely fail and I will get to stay inside. But then you bring it.

You hold the little laser in your hand and point it to the floor. When you turn it on the red dot appears.

I know you just want me in the cage, but I can't let that dot just sit there all smug.

I pounce on it but right before my claws reach it it zips away. I chase it. I chase it onto the wall, then to the couch, back onto the floor... and straight into the cage, where you shut the door and lift me up.

Darn it I think to myself. Why must my feline instincts make me do such silly things? I wonder.

My owner smirks, "Well it looks like I win." He says. I hiss at him which makes him chuckle. "Better luck next time kitty," He says trying to cheer me up. I meow, curl up into a tight ball and try to sleep through the drive to the groomer.

Author Notes: Hope you enjoy! :)

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3 Feb, 2021
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