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Idk Story Attempt 2
Idk Story Attempt 2

Idk Story Attempt 2


Chapter 1

August 16, 2

Dear Diary,

Today Mother didn’t have a guy over it was odd normally she has a guy over every night, and she doesn’t seem to be drunk either she seemed just……tired……it was odd she normally was drunk, or had a guy over, or both. That means she might have a good-paying client for me tomorrow cause she’s only done this one other time, and I was part of a gangbang that lasted hours. God, I hope it’s nothing like that……

August 17, 2021

7:10 am

Another day and another man……*sigh* mother didn’t bring another man home last night. That only means she already has me set up with someone and wants me to be all nice and ready for him I better dress like a decent person before he comes. I put on a white turtleneck with black jeans, and some black sneakers then I went downstairs.

“So, you’re finally awake?” Mother said wearing usual square neck floral print shirred dress, with some white sandals.

“Yes…so you already have a client?” I asked if I did have a client or I got lucky with a day off

“Yes, you do, and he’ll be here at 9:30 pm so you have time to prepare ‘til then” Mother answered

“Is it going to be like last time……is it going to be a gangbang” I asked sheepishly

“No, you got lucky this time he said that he just wants you to himself, also you’ll be going to his place” Mother answered

“W-What!?” I yelled which only angered my mother

“You heard what I said” Mother answered

“B-But mother I don’t even know the man, and you expect me to go to his home!?” I inquired. This seemed to anger my mother cause right after that she slapped me across the face.

“How dare you speak back to me after everything I’ve done for you!?” Mother yelled which caused me to back away. Mother was always scarier when she was mad.

“I-I’m sorry….” I said shaking with fear

“Just go to your room until it’s time for you to leave….” Mother said in a stern and serious voice. With that I practically ran back to my room in fear if I didn’t, I’d be in more trouble.

2 Hours later….

“*Yawn* Mhmm…….” I groaned as I woke from my slumber. Damnit I must’ve fallen asleep, but I should have some time before I have to go to this guy’s home let me check the time…..hmmm…..I have like an hour before I have to go I better get ready. So, mother said that he wants me to himself, and I’m going to his house so he’s probably rich so obviously mother paired me up with him. So that means dress fancy just for that clothes to be destroyed. With that in mind, I put on a white button-up with black dress pants with a black vest piece on top (in simpler terms a vest suit) with a blue tie and dress shoes.

“Kaiser come on it’s time to leave” Mother yelled from downstairs. It’s funny I got ready just in time well let me just get my phone off the charger and I’m set. With that I went downstairs and saw the door was left open, mother probably went outside to the driver.

Chapter 2

August 16, 2021

Dear Diary,

Tomorrow, father’s meeting with a with one of his “clients” this one’s 17 the same age as me, father says it’s fine cause the kids gay, and he should like it, but I know he’s wrong that fucking bastard has no human decency. But I better act well while his “clients” here or else I’ll be sent to the chamber again….

August 17, 2021

9:25 pm

The “client” that my father talked so much about should be here soon. Father describes him as a kind, innocent person, and how he looks like an angel, but I really don’t trust my father’s word, so I’ll just have to see for myself.

As I assumed mother was outside waiting for me.

“Kaiser finally you’re here, I was just telling the drive to say thank you to Mr. Sato for me,” Mother said in her most cheerful voice

“Oh, okay,” I said not wanting to say anything more

“So, Kaiser it’s about time you got going don’t want to keep Mr. Sato waiting now do we?” Mother said cheerfully

“No, we shouldn’t keep him waiting,” I said as I started to get into the car

“Okay honey be safe and be on your best behavior…...” Mother said allowing her more serious voice out. I didn’t say a word got into the car and we were off.

9:30 pm

I arrived at his house at 9:30 on the dot, and as I expected he was rich with a beautiful mansion and a bunch of nice cars but that means he’s probably going to be a very lustful guy. Damnit that’s why mother has been taking such good care of me she’s been getting me ready for him.

Father says he’s here he seems excited now let’s see if I can trust my father’s word.

I get out of the right to be greeted by what I assumed to be his butler he then leads into the mansion where I’m greeted by a man probably in his early 40’s or so 5’11ft, and 179.2 pounds around there, and standing next to his another person probably the same age as me 6’6ft with beautiful blood-red hair and glossy black eye like a porcelain doll.

He walks in and there I see him the boy my father talked so much about he was about 6ft and my age, and I couldn’t believe it my father was right he look like an angel with his water blue hair and beautiful, golden yellow eyes. Then I look over to my father, and all I see is lust, then like a wave, it hit me my father was going to do unimaginable things to him, and I seemed to have an odd expression on my face because then the ask….

“Umm…...are you okay, you look a little uneasy,” the boy asked which caught me off guard and caused me to blush in embarrassment

“Y-yeah I-I’m f-fine you don’t need to worry about me” I answered sheepishly

“Oh, okay just make sure you were okay” the answered with a giggle which caused me to blush even harder. My father seemed to have noticed me being flushed and must’ve not liked it because he finally spoke up

“So, Kaiser I’ve heard so much about you, and I’d like to test that theory out. About how amazing you are” My father said with lust in his eye and a hint of anger probably due to me falling for him

“Yes, Mother probably told you much about me I assume?” I inquired to Mr. Sato

“Yes, she’s told me great things about you,” Mr. Sato said in a low husky voice

“Well anyway let’s go Kaiser there are lots to be done tonight…” Mr. Sato said in his same husky voice. With that, Mr. Sato gestured for me to follow him leaving the red-haired boy by himself. He followed my father up the stairs and to his room leaving me alone.

As soon as we got into his room he started ripping my close off with a lustful look in his eyes, once he was done taking off my clothes I covered myself as much I could, you’d think doing this hundreds of times before you’d get use to it but you never do. Mr. Sato must’ve been amused by this because then he started to tear apart my legs revealing everything to him.

“Damn…...” was all he said before he got up and went to a drawer to get his lube, he then came back to me and started to pour the cold lube all over my hole. This caused me to let out a little moan due to the cold substance touching one of my most sensitive spots he seemed satisfied with this moan, but it wasn’t enough to feed his big appetite. Then he shoved his index and middle finger inside me causing me to let out a loud moan of pleasure, he then started to thrust his fingers inside of me causing me to moan which only turned him on more. Then before I was about

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