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Ilovepugs is from US United States • 22 y/o • Transgender

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29 Jun, 2020
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1 hour ago
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You are human and I am a demon -.-

Fav show: I don't have one

Fav food: Cookies, pork chops w/ rice, sushi

Fav hobbies: Reading, writing, and watching anime

Fav book: Bungo Stray Dogs manga

Fav colors: Blue, red, purple and fav shades are white, black, and grey

Sanity: I don't her, she's out the window

What I'm here for: To put my ideas out into the world

and with that, I'll probably be submitting every week and Levi Ackerman will keep this profile ✨CLEAN✨

This profile is out of use until further notice

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