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A Hybrid's Life
A Hybrid's Life

A Hybrid's Life

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Hi, I'm Jessica Wilson and this is my life.

When I was born, I was very sick and weak because I was a hybrid and hybrids don't normally live past birth so I was very lucky to live, and you might be wondering what am I mixed with? Well I'm not just mixed with a werewolf and a vampire I mixed with every thing werewolf's, vampire, mermaid, siren, godess, demon, etc. My parents didn't know how to raise me because all my other siblings where only a fox spirit or just a siren I was the only hybrid they had ok but before I get into anything else let me introduce you to my siblings. The oldest Tony Wilson fox spirit, straight, can be very annoying sometimes, caring, overprotective like all my siblings, love able. The second oldest Isabella Wilson goddess of nature, straight, wants me to get a man, loving, very kind unless you get on her bad side then your screwed. The third oldest Nich siren, gay, the way you say his name is nick but friends and family all call him by the way it spelled because teachers and new students call him by the way its spelled then it ended up being a inside joke, he doesn't like talking to people but he has childhood friends, likes to do things a lone but he is really nice and caring. Now that's out of the way lets continue as I was saying I was the only hybrid they have had so it was hard to raise me because I couldn't fully control myself so I was hard. When I was going to school I went to Elementary school for princess's etiquette. I hated it because you had to wear the exact uniform if you don't you would be punished you might be wondering what is the punishment was? well this is what they do they would put you in a room and have someone in there to scare you and you couldn't come out untill you learned your lesson so yeah I was happy to there after that I begged my parents to not go to the high school the but go to the high school in the human realm yeah we live in a different realm from humans and my parents names are Ray Wilson and Alsia Wilson but finally they siad yes but my siblings had to go to that school with I said yes and now I am so excited to go to a human high school.

To be continued.....

Author Notes: This is my first story I hope you all like it. :)

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30 Jun, 2020
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2 mins
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