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A New Hybrid
A New Hybrid

A New Hybrid



This world is divided and there are three categories first we have the angles the ones that sit above it all, and they have all the things that are happy, and kind in the world. Next, we have the humans, humans aren’t anything special except you have your occasional sorcerer or witch. Other than that, they are pretty normal. Last category are the demons, demons are evil and bad they have all the evil spirits, fallen angles, and many eviler or dark beings. They were all separated the angels and the good things in the world lived in The Celestial City. The humans lived on earth as normal, and the demons and everything bad in the world lived in The Netherworld.

There was also ruler for these world’s first we have the god Cacdum ruler in The Celestial City and the god of light, next Ruglous ruler in The Netherworld the god of death, lastly Aqmera ruler on Earth god of nature, but they are not the only rulers because we also have one more dimension the Cypher dimension it was named after the founder of all the dimensions. The Cypher family they are the head rulers of all the dimensions the ruler of this dimension was Vobthys Cypher the goddess of life & death, and she was beautiful and loved throughout the land later she married Coteus the god of hope and son of Cacdum and soon the bloodline grew with the Cypher family bloodline having relations with people from the Netherworld and the human world.

One day the prince of the Cypher realm was getting crowned king and his wife queen their names were Rases god of honesty and Jeqmis goddess of life, soon after they wed they had a child her name was Ulneas and she was the hybrid and goddess of sleep the family was happy for this miracle one cause hybrids naturally don’t live long past birth, and secondly because Jeqmis had a low chance of getting pregnant. Ulneas grew to be happy and energetic young who would always find herself in trouble, but day around the age of 12 or so Ulneas was messing

Earth Ruler: Aqmera, Goddess of Nature

Zedar, God of Earth,

Ruler in hell: Ruglous, God of Death,

Ruler in heaven: Cacdum, God of Light,

Umes, God of Revenge,

Jeqmis, Goddess of Life.

Coteus, God of Hope,

Soctia, Goddess of the Afterlife.

Ulneas, Goddess of Sleep,

Holgyn, Goddess of the Insane

Cypher Ruler: Vobthys, Goddess of Life & Death

Rases, God of Honesty

Author Notes: Hope you like it

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7 Sep, 2021
Read Time
2 mins
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