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Mafia Ereri
Mafia Ereri

Mafia Ereri


Chapter 1

Levi is an FBI agent and he had been working on important case with the Yeager Mafia one of the most dangerous mafias in the world, and their leader was a man by the name Eren Yeager hints why it’s called the Yeager Mafia. Right now, Levi is having an important meeting.

“So, how are we going to lure Mr. Eren Yeager out of his shell? Zeke you have any idea’s you are his brother” Erwin asked as he looked at Zeke

“Nope, nothing comes to mind” Zeke said

“Hmmm…...We could see where he’s going next, so we meet him there and capture him there” Hange said

“But you remember last time we tried to do something like that he saw straight though us and changed his whole route” Jean said which made Hange’s plan burn up in flames

“You’re right Jean” Erwin said agreeing with him

“Well how about we…. ummm….” Sasha said while thinks of a plan

“How about one of us go under cover and lure him into a trap” Connie suggested to the group

“Yes! That could work” Erwin said jumping up from his chair

“But the question is who will go under cover?” Pieck asked

“Yeah, your right, who will go under cover?” Erwin said sitting back down

“How about you do it Zeke” Hange said gesturing to him

“Me? Why me?” Zeke asked

“Well because you’re his brother of course” Hange said

“Hange do you really believe my brother EREN YEAGER one of the world’s most powerful mafia leaders, is really going to believe I want to join him, even though the last conversation I had with him was me saying I would never ever join him in the mafia” Zeke said which also made Hange’s plan burn up in flames

“Oh, sorry I forgot” Hange said

“I’ll do it” Levi said out of nowhere

“W-Wait you’ll do it!?” Zeke said shocked

“Yeah why not, he doesn’t know me or anything about me from what I know” Levi said

“Yes. I know that but you never know what could happen” Zeke said

“Also didn’t you say he was gay Zeke?” Levi said

“Yes, I did…Wait Levi don’t tell me what I think you’re going to do…” Zeke said

“Oh, Zeke you are correct” Levi said looking at Zeke

“Levi you can’t be serious that’s insane!” Zeke yelled at Levi

“Wait what are you guys talking about!?” Erwin asked

“He’s planning on seducing my brother to lure him in our trap!” Zeke yelled

“and I’m gay too so it should be easy” Levi said

“Seduce Eren Yeager!” Everyone yelled except Erwin

“Wait Levi might be on to something, if he does seduce Eren then we can learn more about him and it’ll be easier to lure him into the trap” Erwin explained

“S-Sir you know how dangerous it is for him to do this!” Zeke yelled to Erwin

“Zeke, I think Erwin is right, just think of it if Eren falls in love with Levi we could finally capture him” Jean said

“I-I know just what if something happens and everything goes wrong…” Zeke said starting to calm down

“We all know what Eren is capable of, but we have to be brave and face him” Hange said trying to comfort him

“Anyways Zeke have I ever failed to finish a mission?” Levi asked

“No, No you haven’t” Zeke said

“So, what makes you think I’m going to fail this one” Levi questioned Zeke

“*sigh* I know you won’t fail this one just be careful that you don’t get hurt…. I don’t want to lose anyone…...s-so please be safe….” Zeke said with a quivery voice

“I will, don’t worry about me worry about yourself” Levi said while walking out of the room



So, I have to try and seduce a mafia leader…...hmmm…...this should be easy as long as I find out his type, *sigh* now where should I go to find a mafia leader? Hmmm…. ah, the strip club! That’s the classic place and I have to be careful or else Zeke’s going to lecture me, and also at today’s meeting he seemed pretty worried about me.

At the Strip Club

Where do I look now? The VIP and if I’m correct by what Zeke said, then this is the club that Eren always goes to this club.

Levi was about to walk in but then he saw a group of people leaving, a woman with short black hair wearing a red scarf, next a man with short blonde hair and light blue eyes, and lastly a man with beautiful long brown hair and enchanting turquoise green eyes that you’d lose yourself in if you just looked at them. They were all going into a car were a man was that seemed to be waiting for them.

“Here you go sir” said the man at the car opening the door

“Thank you Floch” said the man with the beautiful turquois green eyes

Then they all go into the car while I was frozen there in awe because of that man, I had never seen such a beautiful person in all my life but then I remembered Zeke saying that Eren had turquoise green eyes and then it hit me that was Eren Yeager.

Chapter 2

I can’t believe it! That was EREN YEAGER and I had just let him go!


Levi was angry and frustrated with himself because he froze up and at the last moment, he remembered that tiny little detail that Eren Yeager had turquoise green eyes, but one thing Levi couldn’t get out of his mind is how beautiful and enchanting Eren looked he had no words to describe him, but Levi didn’t want this opportunity to go down the drain so even though he was mad he went over and knock on the window.


Then the man named Floch rolled down his window.

“Yes, is there anything I could help you with?” Floch said with annoyances

“Oh, sorry to bother you but I’m here for ocean eyes” Levi said seductively

“He is not available right now” Floch said in a stern voice

“Oh, too bad…I really wanted to talk to him…” Levi said seductively

“Yes, too bad now will you excuse me I’ll take my leave now” Floch said finally able leave

“But before you leave please give him this” Levi said while giving Floch a piece of paper

“What is this?” Floch questioned

“oh, this just my number if ocean eyes wishes to contact me” Levi said

“OK, bye now” Floch said while he drove off

Yes! Now all that has to happen is for Eren to contact me, then I can get closer to him and capture him. This was way too easy.


Levi had was happy he was finally getting somewhere but what he didn’t know is that Eren had other plans…

2 days later…

It had been 2 days since Levi gave Floch his number and he still hadn’t gotten a response; Levi was starting to think Floch did not give Eren his number until…

Unknown: “Hello, this is ocean eyes”

Levi: “Oh, hello”

Levi changed unknown’s name to Ocean Eyes

Ocean Eyes: “So I heard you’re interested in me”


If this conversation continues like this than I can end up meeting Eren in person and we’ll be one more step closer to catching him.

Levi: “Yes I am”

Ocean Eyes: “Well I didn’t think you would be so straight forward”

Levi: “Well I’m not normally straight forward with things like this but with you it’s different…”

Ocean Eyes: “How so?”

Levi: “You make me want to spill my guts to you and tell you everything”

And this was actually the truth talking to Eren made me want to tell him everything and I have never felt anything like this before with anyone else.

Ocean Eyes: “Is that so?”

Levi: “Yes, It is you make me feel like I can tell you about everything I’ve ever been through!”

Ocean Eyes: “Hmm…interesting you know what, how about we meet up to talk?”

Levi: “R-Really?”

Ocean Eyes: “You shuddered over text?”

Levi: “Yes…”

Ocean Eyes: “It’s fine I don’t mind, but would you care to join me on Wednesday at the sushi restaurant on Vermont avenue at 8:30pm?”

Levi: “Of course I would, I’d be honored”

Ocean Eyes: “Ok then it’s a date”

Levi: “Ok, it’s a date”

Ocean Eyes: “Also I didn’t get your name?”

Levi: “Oh my name is Lucifer, what’s yours?”


So, you like using fake names? Then you should be fun to play with for a while, also I too like using fake names, but I also like keeping things entertaining.

Ocean Eyes: “Mines is Levi”


Why would he choose that as his fake name? This is going to be weird calling someone else by my name, but I won’t lose to him.

Ocean Eyes changed his name to Levi and changed Stranger’s name to Lucifer

Levi: “Well I guess this goodbye for now”

Lucifer: “Yes, it is”

Levi: “Goodbye Lucifer”

Lucifer: “Goodbye Levi”


Now I can finally see what this what this Levi guy is all about and see what his strategy is so I can destroy him.


WENSDAY 8:30pm


Levi had gone to the sushi restaurant early because he wanted to see if he had the correct place and he wanted to meet Eren there. Shortly after around 8:33 Eren arrived.

“Hello, are you Lucifer” Levi said walking up to Lucifer

“Yes, and you must be Levi” Lucifer said while extending


Oh, this is going to be entertaining Levi calling someone by his own name with a straight face must be hard, he also probably knows my real name too because of my brother so it’s even better. So, the question is when will you slip up?


Damnit this is harder than I thought, I’m going to have to watch what is say so I don’t give him information or say his real name.

“It’s nice to finally meet you” Levi said smiling

“It’s nice to finally meet you too” Lucifer said smiling back at him


Whoa he’s smiling I heard he isn’t the type to smile but here he is smiling at me ha-ha, he is going to be fun to mess with.

“So, this time you don’t have your driver driving you?” Lucifer questioned

“No, he didn’t I told him to watch over everything while I was gone” Levi replied

“Watch over everything? What’s that supposed to mean?” Lucifer asked

Let’s make this more entertaining shall we

“Yes, everything back home because I’m the mafia leader of the Yeager mafia” Levi answered

“T-The Yeager Mafia!” Lucifer yelled


Damnit what is this son of a bitch doing going around saying I’m the leader of the YEAGER MAFIA!


HA-HA! This is gold his reaction was exactly like how I wanted it to be, Levi you just made your first slip up let’s see how many more you make…

“Yes, and what about it are you a police officer of the sort?” Levi asked


This bitch is he trying to learn something new about the FBI? Wait why am I even worrying he doesn’t even know who I am right…

“N-No, it just surprised me…” Lucifer answered

“Ok then nothing is wrong so we should go inside it’s already 9:00” Levi said while walking towards the door

“Oh, it is” Lucifer said while walking behind Levi


“Oh, Er-, I mean sir w-what can I get you?” The waiter said with fear in his eyes

It was weird it seemed like he was going to say Eren but stopped mid-way, did Eren have something to do with this? No, it couldn’t have I didn’t see him do anything unusual, or did he and I didn’t see it wait I would have seen if he was doing something right?


Damnit Armin you were right I should probably call up all the places I normally go to and tell them not to call me by my first name, but on the other hand it would be interesting to see his reaction if someone else called me by my real name…

“Would you like anything in particular, Lucifer” Levi asked

“Well Levi I have never been here before so what do you suggest?” Lucifer replied

“I would suggest the spicy shrimp roll if you like spice things, but if you don’t then the California roll would be a better option, or you can have the tuna roll which is also not spicy” Levi suggested

“Ok then I’ll take the tuna roll with some soy sauce and wasabi” Lucifer said to the waiter

“Ok and you s-sir” said the waiter to Levi

“Oh, and I’ll take the spicy shrimp roll with soy sauce and wasabi” Levi answered

“O-Oh ok it’ll be done in a few minutes” the waiter said while walking away

That waiter seemed so scared HA-HA! It’s hilarious what you do with just a look and that’s also what happens when you have power.

“So, Lucifer you said that I make you feel like you can tell me everything you’ve ever been through, right?” Levi asked Lucifer

“Yes…” Lucifer answered

“So why aren’t you talking?” Levi asked

“Oh, it’s just hard for me to unwind when I have an empty stomach” Lucifer replied


“H-Here’s your food I hope you enjoy it!” the waiter said while putting down our food

“Hmmm…...” Levi said while looking at Lucifer after the waiter left

“Umm….is something wrong?” Lucifer asked while digging into his food

“Oh! Nothing’s wrong I can’t believe I’m just realizing how sexy you look” Levi answered

“S-Sexy me?” Lucifer said while almost choking on his food


What the hell! This is coming out of nowhere like to be completely honest I don’t really mind but, no Levi what are you saying your only doing this to closer to him and put him in jail you can’t be catching feelings or giving him information. That’s your job and to report to Erwin that’s what I’m supposed to do but haven’t reported to him once and Erens ocean eyes I could look into them forever.


Now this should keep things entertaining by playing with his heart a little then once we get close enough, I’ll crush him plain but simple just like the last one….

“Yes, who else would I be talking about, is there something wrong that?” Levi asked

“No, it’s just it came out of nowhere and surprised me, also I don’t peg myself as sexy or even cute” Lucifer replied looking down and blushing

HA-HA! This man is to easy to please I just said he’s sexy and he’s already blushing like there’s no tomorrow, but it’s odd for him to say something like that he didn’t have low self a steam….so to hurt him even more I could boost his self a steam and then crush it, it’s perfect he’ll be too hurt to do anything and I can have all the information the FBI has on me and I can crush their only real hope of catching me will be gone it’s perfect!

“Hey why are hiding your face?” Levi asked


How do I answer? I can’t tell him the real reason or can I, but will that really help me get closer to him? Well let’s try it….

“Well it’s because to completely honest I-I like you….and I’ve never felt this way with no other person….” Lucifer answered being as honest as possible


Whoa I didn’t expect him to be this honest, damnit Levi, you’ve left me speechless but if you want me to be honest then, I do think your cute and maybe a little bit sexy and I may or may not like you a little bit, but I must do this to destroy you so let’s go along with it.

“Well Lucifer I didn’t expect you to be that honest but if you wish for me to be honest…. Then I think you are cute and sexy” Levi said

Now that should keep things entertaining

“Real- “Lucifer said then

Ring! Ring!


Who’s calling me at this time!? *Incoming call from Zeke Yeager* damnit Zeke why’d you have to call me at such a time.

“Who’s that?” Levi asked

“O-Oh it’s no one important” Lucifer answered nervously

Ring! Ring! Incoming call from Ze-!

Damnit this fucking phone was about to say Zeke’s name, I have to take it tho if I don’t then Zeke’s going to track my phone and come here and ruin everything.


Was it just about to say incoming call from Zeke Yeager?

“Umm…. excuse me I have to take this” Lucifer asked

“Sure, I don’t mind” Levi answered

Then Lucifer got up and left to take the call



“Levi have you made contact with Eren yet!?” Zeke asked

“Yes Zeke, I have, actually I am on a date with him right now and you interrupted it!” Levi answered

“Well sorry i would have known if you would have checked in with us!” Zeke yelled

“*sigh* I’m sorry I should have told you guys” Levi said calmly

“It’s all right just remember to check in ok” Zeke said calming down

“Ok, will do” Levi said

“Ok call me when the dates over, alright” Zeke asked

“Yes, and I’ll update you” Levi answered

“Well bye I guess” Zeke said

“Yes bye” Levi said then they hung up


So, I was correct that was my dear older brother is calling my cute little date, I guess I’m going to have to pay a little visit to tell him to back off because if I’m going to play this game then I want Levi all to myself.

Then Lucifer walks back into the restaurant.

“Sorry for that” Lucifer said while sitting back down

“Oh, don’t be I was probably someone important if they were calling you” Levi said

“Yeah it was important” Lucifer said


For the rest of the time they ate in silence with no interruptions and then they left saying their goodbyes

“Goodbye Levi” Lucifer said

“Goodbye Lucifer and text me when you get home” Levi said

“Why?” Lucifer asked confused

“Because I what to know that you got home ok” Levi answered

“Ok bye then” Lucifer said

“Bye cutie” Levi while walking away.

Author Notes: Just wanted to write at fan-ficton

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