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The Purge Ereri
The Purge Ereri

The Purge Ereri


March 20, 5:30 am


It is one more day until the purge my favorite day of the year, and it’s only allowed in my town in Tokyo Japan. Where it’s a free feral to do whatever you want. Murder, sexual assault, animal abuse, torture, possession of illegal weapons, etc. Like if you have any enemies you can kill them, but the downfall is you only have 12 hours so from 7pm to 7am. Well this year is going to be especially fun because I have someone that has been on my list for a while now and her name is Petra. And only her because that fucking cum slut son of a bitch stole my last boyfriend and last purge, she tried to kill me so killing her is going to be pay back and I only have to wait 13hours and 30minutes. She was probably after me too, but I could care less if she was after me or not, all I wanted to do was kill her. Also, everyone in are town already knows what I can do, so it should be easy to kill her if nothing gets in my way that is…….

“Hey Eren, are you ready for the purge tomorrow?” Hange asked

“Yeah! I am and I already have my first victim” Eren replied

“Oh! Really, who is it?” Hange asked

“It’s that bitch Petra, you remember her?” Eren replied

“Oh yeah her, she’s the one that made Anthony cheat?” Hange replied

“Yeah him, and now I’m going to get my revenge and Petra and probably Anthony too” Eren said

“Hmmm…. ok” Hange said

“Do you have your first victim?” Eren asked

“I don’t think so, well at least not yet” Hange replied

“Weird you normally have your victim by now” Eren said

“Yeah, I know but no one has really got me mad this year, but did you hear there’s a new person that has moved into the town?” Hange asked

“Huh, really?” Eren replied

“Yeah! And now a lot of people want to go after him during the purge tomorrow” Hange explained

“Hmm…... I wonder if he knows about the purge that happens every march 21 at 7am till 7pm?” Eren wondered

“Yeah, I know but that’s why a lot of people are after him” Hange explained

“Maybe I’ll stop by his house and see what he’s about” Eren said

“Don’t you think that’s risky?” Hange asked

“Maybe or I found us a new partner we may never know. Also why don’t we help him out if he doesn’t know about are towns secret” Eren said in a grimacing voice

“Your funeral, and also I might be going by myself this year” Hange said

“Oh, so your leaving me this year, how mean” Eren said with sarcasm

“Oh, don’t be so sarcastic. But you won’t be alone you can ask Zeke to help you” Hange said

“Yeah, and I could also ask Mikasa and Armin to come with me to” Eren suggested

“You could, but you could also go alone and meet up with that mysterious newcomer, also isn’t Mikasa going with Annie?” Hange suggested

“Yeah, so I might just have to go with Armin or Zeke” Eren said

“But anyways I have to go” Hange said

“Yeah I have to start getting everything together for tomorrow” Eren said

“Well the I guess this is bye” Hange said

“Bye just text me at 6 tomorrow if you are going to be working with me, ok” Eren said

“Ok bye text you at 6” Hange said while walking away

Well I should probably start preparing for tomorrows purge, so what do I need? I need a new bat since I broke my last one last year, and I also have to get some handguns and silencers.


A lot of people don’t know about the purge, and it also only happens in their town. This purge is supposed to help lower the crime rates, unemployment, and social unrest. The idea of this yearly purge is to pent-up-aggression to become a better person for the 364 other days of the year. Also, only the government and the people that live in our town are the only ones that know about this yearly purge, and there are no rules, but all police, fire, and medical services will be unavailable for the entire time the purge is going on, also the president first family, and government officials ranking 10 or higher will gain immunity. But this only happens every March 21 till 7pm to 7am anything before or after those times will be illegal. Now back to our story.

“Finally, I’m done getting everything ready” Eren said exhausted

“Are you sure you have everything?” Mikasa asked

“Yes, I’m sure” Eren replied

“Do you have a bat?” Mikasa asked

“Yes” Eren replied

“Do you have at least 3 handguns that are all loaded” Mikasa asked

“Yes, and I have 4 handguns they are all loaded, also the 4th gun bullets are covered in Box Jellyfish venom and a blue ringed octopuses’ venom” Eren replied

“Box Jellyfish! Where the hell you that from!?” Mikasa exclaimed

“Well as you know I have my connections and one of them just so happens to be able to get me some venom from a Box Jellyfish” Eren replied

“*sigh* you and your connections” Mikasa sighed

“Yes, and you don’t so I’m special” Eren said huge smile on his face

Author Notes: Hope you like it

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29 Aug, 2021
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4 mins
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