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Chapter 1

“No! No! No! You did it all wrong! You better not act like that when he gets here!” Mother yelled as she started to change my clothes because of the mess, I made of myself.

“Do you want to continue to live in this house?” Mother asked. I didn’t answer knowing if I told her what I truly think I’ll be in trouble

“Well answer! Do you want to continue to live in this house!?” She inquired again

“…yes…” I answer not wanting what happened last time to happen again

“Ok, so if you want that to happen then act like a lady and get ready. He’ll be here soon” Mother said as she left the room so I could finish changing.


*Ding, Dong*

The doorbell rang and I knew he was here, and with that Mother happily answered the door, and standing there was a man probably in his mid-30’s or so he wasn’t that bad to look if I’m, to be honest, but what he was going to do changed how I looked at him.

“Oh, you are finally here I’m happy to see you!” Mother said happily

“Yes, is he ready?” The man asked

“Yes, do you have the money?” Mother inquired back

“Oh, yes here you go,” The man said while handing mother an envelope

“Ok thank you, now come inside he’s waiting for you to teach him a lesson….” Mother said while gesturing to let him in

“As you know this is my son Kaiser,” Mother said started

“Yes, I know him. He looks so………. Submissive…...” The man said obviously with a boner, and with lustful intent

“Well, I’m going to the store to get something, and I hope two can get along…...” Mother said

“Me too Mrs. Cipher, take care,” The man said.

Then Mother left leaving me and this man alone…

“Finally, we can have some fun…” the man said walking closer to me which caused me to take a step back until he was pinning me against the wall.

“What’s wrong? Are you scared?” he asks seductively

“N-No” I protested, but it didn’t seem to do anything as I was shivering and shaking like a dog that was given a bath, and left outside in the cold

“Well, your mother said you need to be taught a lesson due to how bad you’ve been….” The man said more lustful than before, and now his erection poked me and was lifting my hoodie I wore with nothing under…

“So, you decided not to wear anything under? What a naughty little boy you are…” the man said with a giggle. Then without warning, he swiftly shoved his full erected cock inside me which caused me to moan in pain

“Fuck! You’re so tight” The man groaned in pleasure as he thrust into me

“Ah! S-Slow down! I-It hurts!” I moaned in pain

“Why should I? You’ve been very naughty, and I’m here to teach you a little lesson” The man said in the same lustful tone as before. Then after about an hour of this horrible pain he soon came to his climax so did I then we both came with him coming inside me, which I plead with him not to do but he didn’t listen

“Fuck… that felt so good,” The man said panting then he dropped me on the ground like he’d just finished jerking off and he just dropped his sock on the ground.

“Tell your mother I’ll be back to have another taste,” The man said as he started to put his clothes back on, and leave.

Once he left, I just sat there on the ground with only my thigh-high socks that were now souled with his disgusting cum. I felt disgusted with myself for allowing that monster of a human to do that to me, and touch me in my most personal places that not even I liked touching, but it’s too late it’s already happened and there’s nothing I can do about it even if I wanted to….

Chapter 2

Later I took a shower and cleaned up the mess from earlier mother would be mad if I didn’t…speaking of mother… it’s 10 pm mother should be at her night job as she calls it, but it’s just a normal club she’ll be back by 5 with another guy that she’s going to fool around with, then ask if he wants to mess around with me then the cycle continues over and over again. A never-ending circle of rape and sex. I should probably go to bed mother will probably forget about me if I’m not in the way, or she’ll wake me up, and force me to watch but who knows really, or she’ll tell me to join but logically she’s dunk and if I’m not there it’s out of sight out of mind.

8 Hours Later

*Door slam*

Mother's home I hear 2 sets of footsteps the second pair of footsteps sounds like a man in his early 40’s, 41-43 around there, he seems to weigh about 176.4-177.5pounds around there hearing how the floorboards creak, and now their stumbling to my mother’s room. Mothers wearing black high heels, with her normal bunny outfit *sigh* good thing I went to my room before she got home or else this would have been hell, but I will have to see him in the morning god why do I have to go through. I can now hear my mother’s moans and the bed creaking it’s disgusting I can’t believe she’d allow her child to hear such vile sounds, but I should probably attempt to get some sleep mother probably has another client for me tomorrow.


It’s finally morning and I didn’t get a second of sleep because they were up all night fucking each other *sigh* I’m so tired but mother going to expect breakfast to be done so I better get to that.

“Hmmm……” I hummed

“What should I make” I inquired to myself, fully knowing what mother would want after a night like that, and the guys still here knew exactly what to make. My famous Japanese fluffy pancakes with eggs and bacon mother really love when I make them, and I sometimes think she cares for me but she only wants me to make it when a guy here because she can then show me off to him, and show how much of a “good housewife” I am. It’s angering, but I don’t what to get in trouble like last time…

*Door opening*

Well, he’s up, I can finally see what he looks like cause knowing him he probably would come in the kitchen from smelling the breakfast I’m making.

“Mmmmm……that smells good~,” the guy said as he walked into the kitchen with only his boxers on. Okay, Kaiser remembers, but happy and peachy if you do, he’ll fall for you.

“Oh, good morning I’m just finishing up breakfast come take a seat~,” I said in my most submissive and breedable voice

“Okay, and you must be Kaiser?” He inquired as he sat down

“Why yes~” I answered

“Damn…” he whispered obviously because he was falling for me, but I don’t blame him I was wearing a rather submissive outfit. I wore a black oversize hoodie with some white thigh-high socks, but then again this is an everyday outfit.

“Here you go~,” I said as placed a hot plate of food in front of him

“*yawn* so you’ve met my son,” Mother said with the guy's shirt on. The man didn’t answer all he seemed to do was just look at me with lustful intent, and the looking mother game me I knew we had another client

“Umm…. excuse me a-are you okay?” I asked as I leaned into him, so I cutely was in his face though not in a creepy one

“Oh! Sorry just distracted” the man said jumping back into his chair blushing, and as always with a boner that nobody could hide. I blushed I may have seen a man cock and a man with a boner, but it’s still shocking and embarrassing

“By what?” I inquired in my same signature submissive voice

“What?” The man inquired back

“Well what was distracting you silly~” I answered with a giggle

“O-Oh! I was distracted by…Umm…” The man tried to answer, but I already knew what his answer was

“Were you distracted by me? And my very short, and how I’m not wearing anything under…” I was soon cut off by my mother

“And how if you wanted to you can fuck him mercifully right here on this table…” My mother said which seemed to light the fuse because right after she said that.

He pulled me into a very passionate kiss, then his hand snaked around my waist as we sat kissing, I saw my mother quietly walk back to her room to leave us to each other. Soon after one of his hands started to trail down towards my legs where he then realized I was telling him the truth I didn’t have anything on, his hand continued soon he was squeezing my ass. Then without warning, he shoved his fingers inside me which caused me to break our kiss, which we only broke for a little gasp of air. I moaned in pleasure as he thrust his fingers inside me. I then started to trail down his body down to his erection I then pulled back his boxers to reveal his massive shaft I started placing soft kisses along with it, then I started licking it up and down which caused him to groan with pleasure I then started to suck his tip which made him moan I continued to do this until he started to cum which caused him to thrust his entire size inside my mouth he moaned with pleasure as he ejaculated inside my mouth, I then took his shaft out of my mouth and swallowed all of his surprisingly sweet cum.

“Wow… your good at this…hmm…what else are you good at,” he said with a full look of lust in his eyes. With that

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