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If Fairytales Made Sense
If Fairytales Made Sense

If Fairytales Made Sense

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Once upon a time, there were 3 bears who lived in the woods, whose names were Baby Bear, Momma Bear, and Poppa Bear. They were getting ready to eat some freshly made porridge, but for some reason they were all different temperatures even though they were all made at the same time. "Golly gee, this is too hot!" Said Poppa Bear. "I'll just wait for it to cool down." So, Poppa bear waited. "Mines too cold!" Said Momma Bear. "I'll just heat it up because this is the 21st century and we have microwaves." So, Momma Bear heated up her porridge. "Mine is fine, so I'm going to eat it instead of talking about it." Said Baby Bear. Baby Bear set his bowl of porridge on the table and sat down, or was about to sit down. His chair broke as soon as he sat on it! "Oh no! My chair broke!" Exclaimed Baby bear. "It was probably because we got it from the village. That chair wasn't meant for big boy bears, they're meant for little children! A little child can't break that chair because they aren't as heavy as you." Explained Momma Bear. "Let's get all of us a new chair from the pigs! After we eat of course. Never know what random person might come in to eat some food instead of eating at their own house." Yelled Poppa Bear. So, they went out and locked the door behind them so no random little girls come barging in.

Once they left a little girl went into the woods alone because her mother told her to do something that she apparently couldn't do herself. The child’s name was Goldilocks. She liked breaking into people’s houses, eating their food, breaking chairs, and sleeping in other people's bed like a psychopath. “Oh look, a house!” Said goldilocks. She walked toward the house and tried to open the door. “Darn! It's locked. I really wanted to break their chairs!” Then Goldilocks had an idea. “I’ll just BREAK THE WINDOW with a rock!” So, Goldilocks broke the window with a rock just like any little girl would. She climbed the wall to get through the broken glass, then fell on the floor. “A fall worthy of Humpty Dumpty.” Thought Goldilocks. The chairs were all gone and the food was all gone. “Aw shucks! I guess I’ll just sleep in their bed then!” She checked every room downstairs for any signs of a bedroom but there was nothing, then she checked upstairs. “Finally, a bed!” But when she tried to get atop it, she found out they were too tall. “These guys must be really tall.” Goldilocks murmured. She looked for a way to get on top of the strangers' beds, but something else caught her attention. Above each of the three beds was a picture of a bear. She dashed to the bottom of the stairs, unlocked the door, and left.

When the bears came in with the new chairs, everything was still in shambles like they left it, except there was also a broken window and the unlocked door. “Must’ve been that wolf! Always breaking in and trying to eat random things. He probably broke the window with his puff that is way too strong for no reason.” Momma bear nodded her head and added, “And opened the door to see if we had any little girls, or pigs, or chickens, or foxes, or boys who cry, or birds.” Baby bear replied, “Don’t forget grandmas!” They all nodded their heads in agreement. They spent the entire day talking about the wolf, not worried about the break in. No-one was stupid enough to break into a bear's house in the middle of the woods unattended. As for Goldilocks, she never went to the woods again, but she still told everyone her adventure. The village deemed her as delusional and she spent the rest of her days at home making porridge.

~ The End ~

Author Notes: The moral of the story is don't break into peoples houses or you'll be forced to make porridge. Also, this quote in the fairytale make me feel an emotion that's not real. ". So naughty, frightened little Goldilocks jumped; and whether she broke her neck in the fall, or ran into the wood and was lost there, or found her way out of the wood and got whipped for being a bad girl and playing truant, no one can say. But the Three Bears never saw anything more of her." They're all just like, oh she probably died whoopsie daisy, sounds like a personal problem. Like what about her mom does she know or is she too busy doing nothing again? I might make another one of these if you want but yeah.

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4 May, 2021
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