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If i could just turn back the time

If i could just turn back the time

By lonelyjazzy14

This is the story about the two lovers that always fighting each and every single day..But they still love each other so much even though they are fighting..One day the girl called his boyfriend telling that she's leaving soon.Her parents send her in the other place because of some reason.The boy don't want her to go but the girl really need to and her parents already buy a plane ticket for her..So now they arguing again about the girl leaving..And then the day came that the girl really need to go..But be for she leave she promise to his boyfriend that she will go back to visit him once in a while..

Even though they are far away on each other they still keep fighting, arguing in none useless things..The girl just cry and think about they're relationship..She really love the guy and she want to spend the rest of her life with him..But the guys doesn't seem care about the feeling of the girl..One day the girl get sick..And even though the girl is sick they still fighting..A year past the girl surprise his boyfriend by visiting him..

The guy really surprise to see the girl..All each day they with each other..They see each other very day..They go to the mall,they watch movies,they eat in the restaurant and the girl sleep over to the guy's house..One night when they about to sleep the girl told the guy that she need to leave again the next day..The guy really upset about the girl told him..And then they fighting again..They sleep mad on each other..The next day when they woke up the guy told the girl that he will go to the airport to see her before she go..But the girl reject about it..But she promise to meet the guy in there favorite place before she go to the airport..So the guy agree to the girl said..

The girl go back to her parents house to prepare somethings ..After a few hour the guy left too to meet her in there favorite place..A few a minutes of waiting the girl still not show up..Hour past but still the girl didn't come up to there favorite place..He was calling her but the girl didn't answer the call..He call the house phone of the girl but still no one answer the phone..Now he really mad to the girl for not showing up to there meeting place..He go back to his house and rest..He really mad to girl he thought that she was already leave..

After a few hour he fell a sleep..And he woke up by someone knocking on the door..He get up to see who's knocking on the door and when he open it was the girl..She was so went because it was raining hard outside..He let the girl come in..He scolding the girl why she didn't show up to there place..The girl just hug the guy and kiss him..The guy was so surprise what the girl did..He hug her and kiss her back too..And all the anger that he feel to the girl was gone..He let the girl to change her clothes and after that they eat..And then they go to bed..The guy was wondering why the girl was so sweet to him..The girl kiss him..Telling how much she love's him,that no matter what happen she will always be there..And the girl always say i love you to the guy..

When they about to go to sleep there was someone knocking again the door..The girl whisper to the guy not to open the door and it will be the gone later if no one open the door..So the guy did not open the door..A few minutes past someone still knocking on the door..So the guy decide to open the door and he was surprise to see that it was her girlfriend's best friend..He ask what she was doing there and why she was in hurry..And then her girlfriend's best friend just hug him and she say sorry..The guy asking why what happen?..Then the best friend said my best friend, your girlfriend she was dead just this morning when she get home..She has a cancer..The guy just laugh knowing that she was just kidding coz he knew that her girlfriend was in there bedroom and he tell that to the best friend..When they going to the bedroom the girl was not there anymore..Then he hear a whisper saying "i love you so much babe and i will just always be here for you"..The guy cry so hard..He didn't even tell to her girlfriend how much he love's her..How much she mean to him..If he can only back the time..

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25 Jan, 2011
Read Time
4 mins
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