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My Fan-Fic (Part 5)

As the day continued and as usual the clouds rolled in and then all of a sudden it started pouring down rain and no one had umbrellas. After school the rain continued on and then lightning started hitting concrete in front of the school. As soon as that happened the school called everyone to come inside. They announced that the school is keeping everyone safe from the 1,000 year flood that is happening now. They advised that they call their parents to stay off the roads and stay home and that their kids will be safe at school. As the lightning began to strike the building Chloe was against John, scared, and Julia and David were snuggling and Georgie was clinging onto Ozzy and May and Alexander were cuddling on the bleachers, who calmed her down. As the rain continued to go the water began to leak inside the building. Then all of a sudden one of the doors got struck by lightning and blasted off the hinges on the wall and water came rushing in the building. Everyone was scared and running to higher ground as they were running the water suddenly started to stop and go out the door and the door got resealed and the lighting stopped. When they opened the door they saw a man in a mask. Then they noticed that John was missing and started to look for John and started to call out his name. When Chloe ran upstairs she found John laying on the floor passed out and soaking wet. She thought the masked man might have saved him. When he woke up he told them that the masked man saved his life when he got swept out by the water.

β€œJohn! Are you okay?” Chloe asked, scared.

β€œYeah I think so. That masked man saved me.” John said, droozy

β€œGood cause I don’t want to lose you.” Chloe said, scared still

β€œSame to you I was worried about you when I got swept away” John said, hugging Chloe to comfort her

As the 1,000 year flood ended around the world. The group ventured out into the public. Everything was destroyed, everyone thought they were the last people in the world. Until they saw Candace running out covered in glitter and sparkles and she ran up to them.

β€œHello. I hope you are having a sparkalicious day!” Candace said, as she joined them

As they ventured out further into the city they ran into a pack of wolves and leading them was a girl named Lyn. Lyn’s backstory is she grew up in a normal house until her house burned down when Lyn was a 1 year old. She was walking through the woods when she tripped and rolled down a hill and stumbled upon a wolf den. The alpha wolf went to sniff her and when he did he realized that she was alone and needed to be raised. So as the alpha he raised her as his own. He fed her and cleaned her until she was old enough to take care of herself. She had 4 wolf brothers. One day the family was out hunting when they ran into hunters and then one of the hunters shot the alpha and the rest ran away. When Lyn noticed she started to run over to the Alpha the humans stopped her.

β€œWhat are you doing? That thing will kill you!” One of the hunters said.

β€œTHAT IS MY FATHER!!! HE RAISED ME!” Lyn said while sobbing

As she wiggled out their arms she ran back to the den with lightning speed. The humans couldn't even follow her because she was so fast. When she got there her brothers rubbed up against her and she became the Alpha wolf because no other wolf stood up to her. They then went sneaking into the woods and found the hunters making camp near the wolf body. Lyn whistled and her brothers sneaked up behind them and took them out. They took the body to a river and put him in it and watched him float away to a waterfall.

When they encountered Lyn they tried sneaking past but Lyn smelt them because she has a wolf’s nose. When she smelled them she turned around.

β€œI thought me and my family were the last ones on the Earth but I guess not. Can we join you guys?” Lyn asked.

β€œSure.” John said, freaked out

When they kept going the newcomers got along. They walked and walked it seemed like days they walked for about 50 miles. When they stumbled upon a hotel that survived the flood because it has a force field but then they saw….. FOOD!

Author Notes: This is part 5 of the series. Please give feedback so I can improve on writing!!!
Have A Blessed Day Guys!!!

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4 Mar, 2021
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