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If I Were an Author
If I Were an Author

If I Were an Author

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If I were to be an author…

I would change the world one word at a time,

I would paint images with sentences,

and universes with paragraphs.

I would be in charge of my own world;

A world of pages, that is.

A world encased with my imagination,

And locked with the power of my hand.

With each flick and turn,

Intrigue would swallow my reader,

Make them want to delve deeper and deeper into the world of my thoughts.

The world of my characters.

The world of my power.

A world where I can make anything be anyone,

And anyone be anything.

My world.

The passion I would put into my work,

Would reflect the amount of passion the story has,

How much the characters have passion for each other,

Passion to finish the story,

And entertain my audience, with want for them to know more.

‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ as put in the words of Albert Einstein,

Shows that with a simple trigger of the mind,

A world which no other soul has witnessed before,

Now can be seen with the mere sound of voice to ear,

And the touch of pen to paper.

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3 Feb, 2019
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