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If Maybe Was an Answer-Part Six-Rewrite
If Maybe Was an Answer-Part Six-Rewrite

If Maybe Was an Answer-Part Six-Rewrite

BookNerd123Black Sheep

(Amariś pov.)

I have sandwiched myself between two bookshelves in the dark library, eating my lunch. I like the library because no one bothers you in here, it is quiet, and always smells like history. The light sound of footsteps echoes throughout the library. ¨Amari, we have a project to do¨ i groan retreating back farther into the shelves.

His head pokes slightly into my view and he reaches his hand out, waiting. I groan and take his hand, he pulls me up, and we walk over to a table. He passes me the sheet. ¨No talking." I say and he nods, smiling at me.


Amari works away on the sheet I gave her. Pencil moving skillfully fast over the paper. ¨Stop staring," she growls out at me. I blush, looking back down at my half of said project.

Write ten things you might or might not like about your group mate and then give it to them and have them answer yes or no to the ones they think you like. I groan, what kind of project is this. An idiotic one but it is a grade. I press my pen to paper and with reluctance begin to write.

1.) Your laugh; it is kind of high pitched and loud.

2.) You are always reading.

3.) You don´t like surprises.

4.) You hide from me when angry.

5.) You lie to everyone, including me.

6.) You have nice eyes.

7.) I was the new kid and you were/are my friend.

8.) You hide who you are so people leave you alone.

9.) You exsist in your own little bubble.

10.) You like me?

I fold up the paper and slide it over, she does the same, and we walk away from each other.

Author Notes: Sorry for the wait, hope you enjoy.

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Black Sheep
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20 May, 2021
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