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If Maybe Was an Answer pt.2
If Maybe Was an Answer pt.2

If Maybe Was an Answer pt.2


"I think you really can talk," Jacob says. I stop walking, turn towards him, and say. "Don't you dare tell a soul." My voice sounds cold and I smirk. "Amari, I won't tell a soul but only if you tutor me. I've been here a month and I'm already failing." A pleading tone to his voice. He dosen't have to plead, I don't have a choice.

I nod, "library after school." He smiles and walks over to his car and I over to my truck. I grab my bag, lock my truck, and walk into the library. "Amari," the secratary calls. I smile and walk over, "I have to tutor someone. Is it all right if I use the backroom for awhile?" She nods sliding the key over. Two minutes later Jacob walks into the backroom. "Thanks for helping me, Amari." I shoot him a get-away look and he smiles right on through it.

"You see; eight is the answer." Jacob nods understandingly. "Good, I need to get home." I load up my bag, swing it on my shoulder, turn in the keys, and walk out to my-old-shabby truck. I turn the key but the car will not crank, "AHHHHH!" I scream frustratedly. A knock on my window has my head snapping up, "need a ride." Relunctantly I hop out of my truck and into Jacobs car.

"Thanks," I say as Jacob pulls into my driveway. "Need me to pick you up tommorrow?" He asks, smiling gently. "Please." He nods, pulls out, and I can't help smiling. Maybe talking isn't that bad, to some people anyway.


Author Notes: ONLY TO SOME. Keep that in mind.

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22 Jan, 2020
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