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If Maybe Was an Answer pt.3
If Maybe Was an Answer pt.3

If Maybe Was an Answer pt.3

BookNerd123Black Sheep

Jacob walks into the back room of the library, sits down in the chair across from me, and looks like he is about to burst. "I asked her to prom, she said yes." My heartstings at those simple words. He did it, he asked her, Cassidy Barkley. The girl who is the reason I decided to be a selective mute.

I nod,pull out my reading notebook, and turn to my page. "Want to do the school project together?" Jacob asks still glowing. "Yes, the project title is 'If Maybe Was an Answer'." Jacob nods, "we each answer yes,no,or maybe to twenty questions the other has for us."

After Jacob drops me off at home, up in my room I pull out the twenty questions Jacob wrote down.

1. Do you like me?

I stop not able to move on to the next question, thats the exact one I wrote, but its his last question. I push myself to read the next question.

2.If I wouldn't have asked Cassidy would you have went with me?

3. Will you go anyway?

I stop reading and shove the paper back into my bag, If only Maybe really was an answer.

Author Notes: Please tell me what you think.

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Black Sheep
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24 Jan, 2020
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