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If Maybe Was an Answer pt.4
If Maybe Was an Answer pt.4

If Maybe Was an Answer pt.4

BookNerd123Black Sheep

I smile at the girl I see in the mirror; brown eyes, brown hair, and splattered freckles. This is me, Amari. I smile to at the light blue,short,sparkiling dress that I have on. I grab my purse, walk out to my truck, and drive to the school. He asked me if I was going,I hadn't planned to, but plans change.
I walk over to the gym doors, walking inside I can't help but smile at the decorations. A mermaid underwater theme, my dress fits right in. Over at a table in the center of the room, Jacob sits with Cassidy. Her blond hair pulled into a cascading plait, her blue eyes minicing as she sees me.
Jacobs blond hair is nice and his suit too. He waves me over, I shake my head, but its to late because Cassidy and him are walking straight towards me. Hand on hip, Cassidy sneers, "what are you doing here?" Jacob frowns looking between us, I'm about to turn and leave, but Jacob grabs my hand.
"I asked her to come, she is my friend." I try to pull my hand away but his grip dosen't falter. He pulls me aside, Cassidy storming away. "You came," Jacob says his smile making the room seem brighter. "Want to dance?" He asks holding out his hand to me.

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Black Sheep
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6 Feb, 2020
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1 min
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