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If Maybe Was an Answer pt.5
If Maybe Was an Answer pt.5

If Maybe Was an Answer pt.5

BookNerd123Black Sheep
2 Reviews

"Yes." I say taking his hand and he swung me onto the dance floor. I smile, his hands around me we dance in a simple circle to the gentle sweet song.

"What was you answer to my first question?" His voice whispers close to my ear. "Yes, my answer is yes." He pulls away looking at me, eyes wide, and before I know what is happening his mouth is on mine.

His lips our soft, he tastes like sweet candy and happiness, his mouth moves against mine. It takes a moment but I soon kiss him back. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him deeper.
"Your'e kissing her," Cassidy's voice pulls us apart. "She CAN"T even talk!" I pull away from Jacob and slap Cassidy across the face leaving a red burning mark. "I CAN TALK!!!!" I yell, smiling at the astonished look on her face, and walk back over to Jacob.

He wraps his arm around me ,"I'm proud of you." I smile up at him,kiss him, and we walk out of the dance and away from everything.

Author Notes: I hope this is a good ending...

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Black Sheep
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12 Feb, 2020
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