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If Maybe Was an Answer
If Maybe Was an Answer

If Maybe Was an Answer

BookNerd123Black Sheep
3 Reviews

I stare out my window into the dying sun, bathing the world in orange light, and I wonder if out there anywhere in the world someone like me exsists.

I sit in my everday normal seat, in my everyday normal chair, staring at an everyday normal board. Suddenly my days not ordinary, the teacher -Mr. Brown- waves my up to his desk. "A new student has started attending our class, you will show him around." A boy stands beside Mr.Brown; he has light grey eyes, curly brown hair, and tan skin. He is an athlete, with his muscular build, and stern expression.

"I'm Jacob," he says in a hearty voice. "Her name is Amari, she CAN'T talk." I almost choke at his words, I can talk, but no one really knows that. I grab my bag, walk out of the class, and pause waiting for this athletic baboon to catch up. Not pausing as he reaches my side I continue to walk.

I roll my eyes as he asks for the fifth time why I CAN'T talk. I want to shout that I can just to see the scared expression on his rather handsome face, but I don't. I don't talk because no one looks to closely at someone with problems, mainly cause no one cares. There are a few who look but don't see, the ones who look still don't care, and I have no problem not being noticed.

I like the fact actually.

Author Notes: This is my first ever story...

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Black Sheep
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21 Jan, 2020
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1 min
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