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If only you would listen

If only you would listen

By Bean

Do you know what goes on in my head? Do you know what goes on in hers? No, i didn't think so. What goes in our heads is totally different i can assure you of that. Would you like to know what goes through my head so you understand? Lets see what goes on in my mind is me wondering who's gonna bully me today who's gonna notice my scars will he still love me today how many times will i fail an assignment. Do you know what goes through her head no because no one does not even me. Did you know that it's ok to be different? Not everyone has to be like you or her or him not everyone has to be the same not everyone to be straight not everyone has to be gay not everyone has to dye there hair not everyone has to be tall not everyone has to normal. I can be different cause i am weird crazy awkward shy emo gay a quadricorn but who cares not me because i happen to love who i am and really dont care what you think about me. If you have a problem with me tell me but if you have a problem with me but don't know my name its impossible to have a problem with me. You don't even know who the real sabrina is the real sabrina is down to earth the real sabrina is a little ghetto i am shy, gay, weird, kinda awkward, fun loving, who i wanna be. i have flaws and imperfections but i love them all. I dont need your approval to feel accepted i got my friends and they accept me so they're all i need to feel loved. If i needed your opinion i would ask you. Also if you heard a rumor ask me if its true its just a form of respect. I'll give you an honest answer unless its to personal. You ask about my scars i'll tell you. you ask about me i'll tell you who i am. You ask about why i write on myself i'll tell you. You ask about my attempts at suicide i'll tell you. You ask about me being a bisexual I will gladly tell you. I can talk to you about anything if you ask it doesnt matter to me honestly i dont care. Just know that i'll always be real and if i'm not being real then you'll tell. I will tell you my dreams my nightmares my successes my failures why im a quadricorn princess how i found out i was bi i'll tell you all that stuff because im just being real and not being real is fake and i dont like fake. I hate fake and see i'll tell you that i hate fake and i'll tell you what music i like i'll tell you who i like and what i likeabout them i'll tell you my fantasies how i wanna live what i like what i dont like where i see myself in 20 years how i feel about you how i feel about myself how i feel the economy is doing and so much more you just gotta listen.

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About This Story
4 Feb, 2013
Read Time
2 mins
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