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If Only...

If Only...


As I stood watching people rushing past I felt strangely calm. Even though the afternoon had grown cold and queerly dark I felt fine. People started to gather around me as big fat raindrops started to plop onto the still warm tile walkway. What made everything seem so strange was that a few minutes before the sun had been shining. I heard low murmur of fear and excitement. The small strip of grass planted by me moved as if every blade were quivering in anticipation.
As the sky swiftly darkened the tall black lamp posts clicked on. Still the cold bleakness seemed to swallow everything. The stoplights glowed. The two that I could see were a bright red color. Cars were lined up along the street waiting patiently to move in the light rain. I could barely make out the signs across the street because of the blackness and drizzle. The people around me pulled their coats closer to their bodies. The warm afternoon had turned cold in a matter of minutes and it was growing colder still. Hail started to fall. First the frozen raindrops were only slightly grape sized but that soon changed. Golf ball sized hail was soon dropping from the sky and falling onto the ground.
Panic erupted spreading quickly throughout the city. Women used their bags to cover their heads as they tried to dodge each other to get to safety. Men ducked under benches hoping that the bench would stop hail from hitting them. Drivers left their cars hurrying to buildings to seek shelter from the wind and hail. Leaves fluttered onto the ground beside me as the wind started blowing stronger and stronger. My limbs were shaking as the street lights went out one by one as if someone had flipped a switch. All of a sudden the stoplights went out along with any other light in the city.
Then a gigantic U.F.O. appeared with white hot lasers sweeping through the city burning people and buildings in the city. Mangled bodies lay in what was left of the offices and stores. People who were lucky enough to escape being killed were taken away into the sleek silver space ship lined with thousands of blinking yellow lights. Screams of horror echoed through the air. After two hours passed everything was quiet and nothing moved. Street signs were broken and brick walls were smashed. Everything was reduced to rubble. There were no signs of life as the next day wore on. Two days after the gruesome event reporters visited and scoured the city for life taking notes as they went.
The next day a newspaper caught by the wind fluttered over to where I was standing. The headlines said Whole City Taken by Aliens. I didn’t care much about the story as long as I was okay. I would be fine, even now that everyone was gone and they weren’t coming back. What could I do even if I wanted to help them? I’m just a tree.

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17 Feb, 2012
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2 mins
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