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If you could see me now

If you could see me now

By Holliebug

Why can't they just find me?It's been 7 years!I would have been in highschool.But no,I'm gone I don't know where I'm dead.Mom if only you knew where I was,what he did to me.I was only 11 years old just a 5th grader walking home from school.when he grabbed me and put a gun to my head.I want him behind bars so he can't hurt anyone more young girls.He took me to a dark room with a bed in it and raped me for what seemed like forever.It hurt so bad I tried to scream but he gagged me with a cloth.When he was finally done he left.I untied myself somehow and got the cloth out and began screaming.There was a window up really high I couldn't get to it.He came back in furious and called me a filthy bitch and raped me again.He then put me in his car and drove.We ended up about 200 yards from our house!I got my hopes up and thought he was letting me go but he wasn't,he shoved me in a garbage bag and buried me under a pile of leaves...I was still alive trying to claw my way out.I got my fingers out when I took my last breath.I'm not beautiful,I don't have a boyfriend,I'm not getting ready to graduate.I'm decomposed,crippled and alone.Why didn't they look better?I'm right here! I'm waiting for the day,the day you scream and cry while dad holds you.You still hope and think I'm alive but I'm not.The day when I'm on the newsstands,the tv,everywhere.If you could see me know

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23 Feb, 2011
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1 min
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