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If You Go Down to the Woods Today

If You Go Down to the Woods Today

By haywooddave - 2 Reviews

“Mummy, I’d like to go by the stream in the woods today”

“We have had rather a lot of rain though. The water could be very deep and the banks slippery.”

“Yes, I know, but Timmy will be waiting.”

Her mother put the towel over the rail on the kitchen door. “Who is Timmy?”

“Don’t you remember last time we went. I talked to Timmy a lot while you sat on the grass and drank your coffee.” She held out her hands palms upwards. “I don’t think you noticed him. After all he is very small.”

“I think you were pretending, Angie. I never saw any one there. Although I did hear you talking.” She smiled into her daughter’s face. “Let's go and have a look, but we shall have to be careful by the water’s edge.”

“I shan’t slip, mummy. Timmy will hold me tight. Perhaps I should wear my boots though.” Angie took four jumps to cross the room, her feet part sliding on the oak floor.

“All right then. Pass my boots as well and please close the cupboard door.”


“Mummy, can we…Mummy is there…Mummy are you….. came the continual chorus from Angie’s car seat in the back of the Renault. Then the last verse rang out, “Mummy are we here?”

Her mother grinned at Angie’s excited face. “Yes, love. Be careful when you walk off the car park,” she said unfastening the seat belt. “The grass looks muddy and wet.”

“May I pick some of those yellow flowers? They would look pretty in a vase in our kitchen.”

“If you take them home, no one else will be able to enjoy them. Why not just look at them, perhaps smell them. Leave them for the fairies to enjoy.”

“Mummy!” Her voice edge upwards in tone. “I thought you did not believe in fairies. Now you are talking about them.”Angie stamped her foot on the floor and grabbed at a tree branch as her boot threatened to slip. “You make me angry.”

Her mother turned away fighting hard to stop herself laughing at her daughter’s rage. “Darling, it’s your daddy who does not believe in fairies. Come and give me a cuddle.”

“Sorry mummy.” She turned back to the stream.“I’m going to look and see how deep the water is. Can you come on the bank and hold my hand please.”

Her mother took two paces down the bank. “I’m slipping Angie. Try and grab something.” Then the splash as Angie hit the water almost made her laugh until she realised just how deep the water was.

“Help! I can’t stand up. I’m floating away.”

“Don’t worry my darling. I’ll get in front and step into the water and stop you.” She stepped forward and her foot slipped again throwing her backwards, making her head hit a clump of earth. As her vision faded into darkness she heard, “Mummy. Save me. The water is taking me away.”

“Hello, Mrs Adams. That was a nasty bang to your head.”Something touched her forehead and she opened one eye. “That’s better. Don’t you worry. Angie is fine. She is picking some flowers to take home.”

She opened her other eye and went to sit up. “That hurts,” she groaned.

“It will but we can sort that out for you.” She felt a wet leaf brush her forehead.

“Mummy! You are awake. Timmy and his friends rescued me from the water. They have looked after you as well.” She felt Angie’s fingers grip her own and try to pull her upright. Then as she turned her head she realised many tiny hands were also pulling.

“Hello Timmy. I am sorry for not believing you existed. Thank you so much for saving Angie and helping me.” She smiled at the tiny figures about 12 inches high that clustered around her. “I must take Angie home and get her properly dry, though. May we come and see you again?”

Timmy bent forward and bowed. “You will both be always welcome here. Drive safely Mrs Adams.”

She buckled Angie into the car and drove out of the car park. “Why do you keep smiling, mummy?” came a continuous chorus from the back seat. Then as the Renault stopped on their drive, she turned to Angie with a beaming grin and said, “I do like Timmy. He is a great guy.”

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5 Nov, 2013
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