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I'll Always Be in Your Heart (Levi Ackerman X Reader)
I'll Always Be in Your Heart (Levi Ackerman X Reader)

I'll Always Be in Your Heart (Levi Ackerman X Reader)

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Spoiler alert!

Third POV

Levi clutched the small trinket in his hand. He had held it for over twenty-four hours now. It was the last thing that she gave to him. He opened his palm to look at the small, bright blue stone that was set in the middle of the necklace. He finally took the necklace out of his palm. Her name was engraved on the other side of the necklace. Levi looked at the print that the necklace had left on his palm and clutched it close to his chest.

He remembered her last words.


(Y/n) was lying on the ground, her breathing heavy and labored.

"No, (y/n), please," Levi said, clutching her hand, "please, don't leave me, of all people, please not you!"

"I'm sorry Levi," (y/n) replied. One could tell that she was struggling, she was in immense pain, her bottom half had been snapped off, and she was gushing blood.

"Please stop, (y/n), we can make it back, we'll grow old together, have children, and we can tell them the stories of our excursions, please just tell me you'll make it," a tear rolled down Levi's cheek.

"No, Levi, I will not make it, please don't give me false hope," she said to him, "please, can I touch your cheek one last time?"

Levi lifted her hand up to his cheek. She smiled at the warmth.

"In my jacket pocket, there is a small necklace that I want you to keep," she took another ragged breath, "I want you to remember, Levi, that even though I can no longer accompany you through your life that I will always be in here." She lifted her other hand to press her palm against his chest. "All of us will be, Hanji, Erwin, Sasha, Isabel, Farlan, Petra, Oluo, Gunther, Eld, as long as you've loved us to some extent we will never be forgotten. You are the one who will keep our memory alive. Tell the cadets your story, our stories, can you? That's my last request."

"Y-yes, (y/n)."

"Good," she looked up at the sky one last time, "I'll miss you dearly, Levi."

Her last breath left her lips. Her chin tipped up towards the sky. Levi felt her hand go slack in his. She was gone. Levi's hand covered her (e/c) eyes. It would be the last time he would see them.

Flashback End

Levi held the necklace to his chest. He was holding onto one of the last pieces of her. He remembered her soft (e/c) that he could drown in just by looking into, he remembered how her skin felt soft against his. Her smooth lips would always touch his forehead whenever he wasn't feeling well. Her nose that Levi had always loved touching when teasing her.

He remembered how she was like a mother to many of the cadets that had joined them in the Special Operations Squad. He would never be able to face them. (Y/n) was like a second mother to many of them, making sure they were all full and receiving the best treatment. She looked out for every one of them.

Levi remembered once when Armin was about to get eaten, she had jumped in and slain the titan on her own. She didn't care about the fact that she was covered in titan blood, instead of cleaning herself off, she had run over to Armin, who was standing in the titan's path in shock, and wrapped her arms around him. Levi remembered watching from afar, thinking about how this woman could be so protective.

Then, there was that time when Levi had gotten gravely injured. He had lost two fingers, gotten a huge gash over his eye, and broken his arm. She was the one who had tended to him. He still had the scars from that day, but she loved him for all of that.

"Scars are all a part of us," she had said, when Levi confronted her about his scars, "each one tells a story, when we're older you can point to each one and tell your children every story behind each scar."

"Do you mean our children?" Levi had asked her after. She had turned around quickly and given Levi a look of bewilderment, "tch, marry me, you idiot."

Levi held out a ring out in his hand. (Y/n) nodded, her (h/c) locks bouncing on her cheeks. He slipped the ring onto her delicate right ring finger. Little did he know that in the next excursion, he would lose her.

Levi took a deep breath and went out to the turret. Far too many of his memories of him and (y/n) were made here. Their first kiss, their late-night talks, their lighthearted discussions about the cadets, and many more. Levi took in the cool, morning air.

"Look at the sunset," (Y/n) had said the night before her last excursion, "it's beautiful."

She held her hand up, the ring on her finger reflected the rays of the sunset.

"Nothing compares to you, (y/n)," Levi replied, wrapping his arms around her waist.

Levi, now back in the present, felt tears dripping down his face. He definitely couldn't face the rest of his squad. He couldn't face Armin, (y/n) was like the mother that he had never known.

"Captain Levi," a soft voice said. Levi turned around to see Commander Armin standing behind him, "did I come at the wrong time?"

"No," Levi replied.

"Before the excursion, Squad Leader (y/n) gave me this and told me to give it to you," he said. He held up a small envelope, and pressed it into Levi's hand, "I'll leave you now."

Levi opened the envelope and inside were two pieces of paper.

Dear Levi,

I have left this in the possession of Commander Armin, I trust that he is able to keep it safe. If you are reading this letter then this means that I have probably left this world.

Levi, I need you to keep your head up high. Do not blame yourself for others' deaths. They sacrificed themselves for a cause, much as I have. Levi, I love you, from the bottom of my heart I love you. I know that you will miss me, but I will see you on the other side. Remember your promise that you made me that night when you proposed to me. Share your story, although it is filled with pain and loss, it is a beautiful one.

If I may, I would like a favor of you, Levi, I've written messages for every cadet and scout that I have worked with over the years. Can you possibly read the messages out to them? I understand if you don't want to because of the guilt, but remember: It isn't your fault. You did your best to keep us safe.

Levi looked upwards and clutched it to his chest. This was why Levi loved (y/n) so much, she was sweet, inspirational, and knew exactly what to say at any given time. She was charismatic, intelligent, beautiful, and strong. She never wanted to rise through the ranks of the military and was fine with the role of a squad leader. She led the Special Operations Squad next to him as Humanity's Second Best. She was kind, kinder than anyone that Levi had ever met. She had been in the Survey Corps for a longer time than him. When he had joined, he remembered how she had caught his eye.


"Squad Leader (y/n)!" A voice called out to the (h/c)-haired woman. She turned around to see Hanji and Miche dragging Levi behind them. Levi remembered looking into her (e/c) eyes as she spoke with Hanji. She kept tapping her pen against the clipboard that she held in her arms.

"Honestly, Hanji, you need to calm down," she had said, placing a hand on her hip. Her (h/l) (h/c) hair flowed softly as the wind blew through it. She looked at Levi, who was just slightly shorter than her, "what's your name?"

"Tch, Levi Ackerman," Levi had replied.

"Well then, Mr. Ackerman, let's get you started with training. Do you know hand-to-hand combat?" She asked him, "I'm guessing by your former occupation that you should know some hand-to-hand combat."


"I'll take that as a yes, Miche, I'll need you to train with him, Hanji... is that smoke coming out of your... office?" She asked, pointing her pen in the direction of the smoking office.

"Argh! I forgot, my experiment!" Hanji had yelled before running away.


"Okay, okay, geez, calm down!" She had replied.

"What's wrong with Four-Eyes, is she always that hyper?" Levi asked (y/n), who was currently rubbing her temples.

"Yes, I've known her since we were cadets," she replied.

"Seems annoying."

"At least someone gets me. Hanji's one of the best soldiers we've got, yet... she's hyper, she always has been, let me tell you, you should never let Hanji in a kitchen. We were on cooking duty once when we were cadets and... she almost burnt the kitchen down," (y/n) continued rubbing her temples.

"Seems annoying," Levi muttered.

"It seems that we both agree with the fact that our Hanji Zoe can be very... annoying. We will get along well, I'm (f/n) (l/n), call me (y/n)," (y/n) said, sticking a hand out.

"Levi Ackerman, call me Levi," Levi replied, shaking her hand. Her hand was warm and her skin was soft. Levi felt his face flush.

Flashback end

Levi walked down the stairs and into the Mess Hall where the Special Operations Squad was. Levi could sense the tension in the air. (Y/n) wasn't there to calm them down. He couldn't blame them.

"She wrote a letter," Levi said quietly, "with messages to all of you."

Levi took a deep breath and opened the letter once more. He turned towards Eren.


Listen, Eren. From what I have seen in your behavior, you act on impulse. Sometimes, having a plan earlier is good for you. Listen to Mikasa and Armin, they are your friends and they want the best for you, understood? This is the last order that I am giving you as Squad Leader. Listen to your comrades, you aren't always correct. Pride will be your demise if you cannot listen to others. It is your fatal flaw.

Then, Jean.

Jean Kirschtein.

I haven't been able to get to know you as well as I have with the others, and I regret that. I wish that I had been able to stay by your side as I have with Armin, Eren, Mikasa, Historia, Connie, and the others. I just wish to say one thing. Try to work with Eren without trying to kill him, okay? You have military prowess, but it shouldn't be used against your squadron. I know that you have suffered countless losses, but just remember that they will always be in your heart no matter what.



Much like Jean, you have suffered countless losses. You have been able to power through the sadness, which I admire you for. I've always loved your personality, you've always had a way to brighten up a room like no one else. Focus on your training, Connie, it will be beneficial to you. I don't want you to try and change anything. You are perfect the way you are.

And finally, Mikasa.


Dearest Mikasa, you've always been like a daughter to me. Don't let your prejudices blind your line of sight. You are a powerful soldier, Mikasa, you have the ability to rise through the ranks of the military. Like Eren, this is my last order to you, Mikasa. I have seen your abilities, so as Squad Leader, I would like to pass this title on to you. You are the most eligible to take on the role of Squad Leader. If this is putting too much pressure on your shoulders, I understand.

Please, Mikasa, ask for help when you need it. As headstrong and amazing as you are, everyone needs help at some point in their life. Even if all you need is someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, find someone, ask for help.

Levi looked up at the soldiers who were sitting in the room. Many of them were holding in tears. (Y/n) had a big impact on all of them.

Levi looked back down at the letter. There was one last section.

Levi, my love, remember: chin up, the cadets need you.

Wow. That was... kinda hard to write. I honestly wrote the last line first. I needed to add it in there somewhere.

I honestly need to write more angst to balance out the fluff in the first two one-shots.




It had been about thirty-five years since the war. Every child knew the story of their grandparents. About the titans, the war. There were special memorial dates for the children to visit their ancestors', grandparents', and even parents' graves.

There was always a grave the stood out more than others, and that was the grave of Humanity's Second Best, (f/n) (l/n) who gave her life in order to save her significant other's. It was always decorated in (f/f) (A/N: I forgot to add this but f/f means Favorite Flower). There were always different colors. Victoire Reiss noticed this. Every time she visited her great aunt's grave, she would always see these beautiful bouquets of flowers. One day, Victoire saw a man with greying hair walking up to the grave and placing a bouquet of flowers down.

"Hey!" She called, running down the hill in a very un-royal-like manner. The man looked back up with steel-grey eyes, Victoire leaned down to catch her breath, "I just wanted to know..." she heaved a breath, "how did you know my great aunt?"

"Tch, why would you want to know?" The man asked. Victoire stood up.

"Let's start over, sir, I'm Princess Victoire Reiss, Princess of Paradis, my great aunt was Squad Leader (f/n) (l/n), otherwise known as Humanity's Second Best, I'm writing a book about her," Victoire said, sticking her hand out for him to shake.

"Whatever," the man grumbled, "what do you want to know?"

"I want to know my great aunt's life story, she was known as such a prominent figure in the Survey Corps, so I thought maybe I should write about her! I know most of her story except for the little details like her favorite color, favorite place, favorite flower, I want to know more about her personal life!" Victoire rambled on.

The man just stared at her.

"Calm down, brat," he said after a few minutes, "I'll tell you more about your great aunt."

* * * * *

The pair walked towards a small cottage on the edge of Wall Rose. It was cozy and clean inside. Victoire made a mental note about this. She scanned the cottage walls and her eyes landed on a sketch. It was a sketch of a woman. She was in a scout's uniform. She seemed to be in the middle of action, hand-to-hand combat maybe? Her (h/c) hair was whipped around her face (A/N: If you have SHORT HAIR, your hair is basically just whipped around your face. If you have LONG HAIR, your hair in this sketch is up in a high ponytail and whipped around the front of your face) Victoire ran her finger along the sketch. Was this her great aunt? She really did live up to her titles. She was beautiful, strong, Victoire wished to be like her.

Ever since Victoire was younger, she heard her grandmother tell her stories about her great aunt. Her great aunt was her grandmother's younger sister. Her name was (f/n) (l/n). When she was younger she had many suitors, but she rejected all of them. She knew what she wanted to do, she wanted to join the Survey Corps, which she did. When she did, she climbed the ranks quickly until she knew what she wanted to do. She wanted to be able to be high in the ranks, but also low enough that the people around her wouldn't treat her differently, and that was how she became a Squad Leader. She was known to be kind to everyone that she met, she was a mother-like figure to most of the Special Operations Squad, the squad that she and Captain Levi commanded. Many of the members had lost their mother, so they saw (y/n) as a second mother.

"Oi, are you done gawking?" A voice asked. Victoire turned around to see that the man had returned with two cups of tea.

"Yes, I am, I apologize, sir," Victoire replied, "shall we begin?"

* * * * *

The man was hard to deal with. He would give the bluntest and shortest of answers. But at the end, he started opening up, which Victoire was thankful for.

"What is your connection with (y/n)?" Victoire asked. It was her last question.

"Well, let's say I would be your great uncle," the man replied with a small smile.

"Goodness! My great uncle? I forgot to ask you your name, please excuse my rudeness, sir, but what is your name?" Victoire asked. She couldn't believe herself, she was terribly rude for not asking him for his name, especially her great uncle!

"Levi, Levi Ackerman," the man said. Suddenly, it clicked. The steel-grey eyes, the stoic expression.

"No way..." Victoire said under her breath, "I never knew that I would have been related to you..."

Levi laughed his rare laugh and tussled Victoire's hair.

"Do you ever miss her?" Victoire asked.

"Every day," Levi replied. He fished out a small necklace from his pocket, "your great aunt gave this to me when she died."

"Hold on," Victoire took something out from a pocket, "she gave you this, do you know what this means?"

"I do not."

"In the (l/n) family, every woman carries around a necklace with a sapphire, they give it away to the one person that they want to spend the rest of their life with, their soulmate," Victoire said, "this was her last way of telling you that she loved you... that's so sweet..."

Victoire looked at her great uncle who was looking at the necklace in his hands. He held it close to his chest.

"Thank you, Victoire," he said.

"Of course," Victoire said, standing up, "you're welcome in the palace whenever you'd like, my mother would be delighted to see you."

Victoire now had a book to write. One that she wanted the whole world to know about.

There we go. Now that, my dears is the ending. Okay, yes, Levi got soft at the end, but I only added that there to show how he is with his family.

Anyway, thanks for reading!



Author Notes: Okay, so I also published this on Wattpad in my oneshot book (lol yes I have one, I'm just that much of an otaku). I'm probably going to publish more of them?

Also, I don't own Attack on Titan, credit to Hajime Isayama!

This is one long story. It's probably the longest one-part story that I've written.

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