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I'll always be with you.

I'll always be with you.

By Emziexxx

For years I have not spoken of my secret love. It was not that I had forgetten her or had forgetten to remember her. It was just I didn't know who to talk about her to, and plus, I wanted only to relate to her in the quietness of my heart. For the last words that she said before she died were " Sam, Never forget, you'll never be alone. Look into your heart and I'll be there. Always..." What was the point of it being stuck in my mind all day and all night. I'm so absorbed in these thaughts that I can think of nothing else. What could be better than writing it down. Perhaps it could be understood better then.

The story starts in early summer. Me and my girlfriend had just moved to the country where we would stay for the summer. I was 17, She was 16 My girlfriend was called Nancy. She had long silky golden hair with large curls and an attractive petite figure. She had a sweet little face with pure hazel eyes so bright and so full of life and spirit. And she had a childish, but charming smile.

There then began a series of day that were full of simple childlike events, like running through fields, through shallow streams and over the hills. And when we got tired we just lay down on the soft cool grass and watched the dat pass over us. We filled our days with fun and laughter. It was like deep down we knew that we would not be happy for long.
Then in late August, everything went wrong. :(

Then one day, without warning. Nancy had gone. I looked around everywhere, but she was no where to be found. I ran out into the fields one day and called her name for hours. Then, tired of running I flopped down onto the grass and watched the day pass over me like me and Nancy had done so many times before. Without Nancy by my side I felt so alone in the world. You know that feeling when you're always with someone and then suddenly they're not there. I'm not sure how to explain it more. But you'll know what I mean if you've felt it.

I did not know how long I had been lying there. It must have been a long time. I must have been so wrapped up in this mysterious absence that I had fallen asleep over it. I was missing her already. I was also worried about her. Perhaps something terrible and tragic had happened to her. And worst of all, I had not had the chance to even say good-bye my sweet one as she passed away.
After that I did not see or hear from Nancy for several weeks, and she was all that I could think of.

Meanwhile I moved into town and I was made to be engaged this girl called Tillie by her mother, I rich middle-aged lady. I did not like Tillie though. I thaught she was such a snob even though she did love me with all her heart. She came from a very rich family and got me lots of gifts, and everything our hearts desired. Not like Nancy, who came from an unloving family who beat her black and blue all the time. That had driven Nancy into taking drugs, alcohol and theft. She had been in jail about two times.

I began to start to see Nancy everyday now. She kept away from me. She was scared that I hated her. I didn't, I loved her more and more each day. Tillie was always with me so I couldn't talk to Nancy.

Then one day, Tillie and I were out for a walk when this man in a jealous rage came out and pointed a gun at me. He wanted to marry Tillie for her money. He shouted at me to let her go. I stood protectively infront of Tillie. Tillie ran off in fear to safety. The man fired his gun. Then out of nowhere, as quick as a flash Nancy ran in and stood infront of me. The bullet hit her in the chest, She barely screamed, just gasped in pain. I caught her as he collapsed to the floor. Tillie saw what happened and went to get help. The man just ran off because he accidently shot the wrong person.

Blood was everywhere. Nancy could hardly breath. She was gasping for breath. I ripped some of my clothing to make a bandge for her. I tried to calm her down by embracing her and talking quietly to her, trying to get her to answer me.

Then help came along and Nanct was rushed to hospital. From then we were not allowed to see her for a while, while she had her operation and was recovering from it.

Two weeks passed, I was allowed to see Nancy. She was as pale as death. She told me that they could not get the bullet out of her. The tears of pain from her eyes stayed upon her cheeks like sparkling diamonds. As I tried to warm her in my caress, I asked her why she stepped in the way of the bullet. She said that she didn't know if I still loved her. So upon knowing that she would end up like that anyway, she'd prove to me that she still loved me, by sacrificing her own soul for me. My heart was pounding. I held her close to me so she could feel my heart beating fast. She could barley keep her eyes open now. She knew that these were her last moments. Then she said her last lines "Sam, never forget, you'll never be alone. Look into your heart, and I'll be there. Always..." She smiled faintly, then her lovely head fell against my shoulder, and all was over between us - forever.

Although she died. She did not die alone, but with a friend - her true love to hold her hand until the end.

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11 Dec, 2010
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5 mins
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