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Calling to Me

Calling to Me

By Mentally Mina - 1 Review

"James," I say quickly, and put as much effort into pushing him away. "Stop it. Get off of me." He ignores me and keeps kissing my neck. The rest a blur.


"Yo. . ."

"Get off her!—"


Someone asking me a question.


Me being lifted up and set on something.

Then.. darkness.



"...Chance she won't survive.." A wail.


"..Sexual assault, fractured rib, multiple bruises on her arms and legs, brain injury.."


"Chance she won't remember you, if she does come out of this... state."


"Honey, please wake up. Show me and Papa your here, with us. Easton's waiting for you. At home."


Then.. a light. My eyes opened. I look around and see.. strangers.

"Ma," a teenager says and a woman, possibly his mother, lifts her head.

"Emmy!" she said in a high-pitched voice. I wonder who she is. "Edin, go get the nurse," the woman says, and the teenager gets up and leaves the room. "Honey, do you remember me?"

I shake my head.

"Oh dear Lord. Honey, it's me. Nana." I look around, and two people I remember are there. Papa and East.

"Papa," I mumble, and he stands up. "..And East." My voice cracks, but they surge forward and we do a group hug. "Papa and East."

"Papa and East," Easton echo's, and kisses my temple.

A wail breaks the moment. "She remembers you two but not me!?" The woman screeches and grabs something.

She walks towards Easton. "Papa and East." I say, well, more like yell, and she freezes.

"Nana, calm down. It's a good thing she remembers us. Maybe she'll remember you soon." His voice is calm, and 'Nana' looks at him. Easton hugs me to his chest and whispers some sort of prayer. Another wail, then silence.

"We're gonna let the sedative wear off, but you are free to go home after we check your vitals and get some pain relievers," the doctor explains. Easton has a frown on his face, and keeps close to me. I nod at the doctor, causing my butt-length hair to fall into my face. The doctor leaves.

I look around for hair ties, but see none. Easton grabs something from his back pocked then hands it to me. Aha, one of my hair clips. I pull my hair into a bun and clip in place. Papa leaves, but Easton stays. "I brought an outfit for you, Em," he hands me a bag and I open it. One of his shirts, a pair of black jeans, and my hiking boots.

"Thanks," I say slowly, and then he steps out of the room so I can change.

I quickly change and he comes back in. A nurse comes in and removes the needle from my arm then hands me two bottles of pills. "Red lid is just Antibiotic and the other one is pain killers. Nausea, headache, and dizzy spells are usual, but if they happen after about two weeks head on back and we'll have a check up." I just nod.

After that, Easton helps me walk to his monster truck and helps me in the passenger side. He does monster truck racing and has the most wins in Minnesota. The truck was a silver-ish black, but since he bought it two years ago, it's gotten many paint jobs and is now covered in graffiti we used to draw when we were both at home. People stare while we leave, his truck towering over all the other vehicles. Heading home, we have to go on a dirt road with a 50ft drop, and he lets me give his hand death grip until we get past the part. The rest is just really bumpy and we have to go slow because of the animals that will cross the road to get to the lake. Once we get to his cabin, he goes and unlocks the door, then helps me to the couch. I hiss when I sit down, but it fades after a few minutes. I lean back and fall asleep.

Author Notes: *me having a long history of using Advil* Hi? My dad totally aint a nurse, so I must have searched online for this doctor-ly information. I don't really know the symptoms of what happened, but she was in a ity bity coma for a week *goes back to hiding in shadows*

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About The Author
Mentally Mina
About This Story
1 Jun, 2021
Read Time
3 mins
5.0 (1 review)

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