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I'll Be Perfect Someday

I'll Be Perfect Someday

By ohmyjohnlennon

Mommy says I'm beautiful.
Daddy says I'm special.
Well, said.....
I lost them today....
God needed a few new angels...
That's what the police man said to me as he
layed his necklace with a cross around my neck.
He told me I would need it.
That it would hold me close to mommy and daddy.
Mommy and daddy were so perfect...
Maybe that's why god chose them instead
of someone else...
They always loved me, and took care of me.
They always put me first.
They were the best mommy and daddy ever....
Maybe that's why God needed them...
Maybe he needed someone to take care of the baby angels.
Maybe they'll see my brother again....
I lost him last year...
He was a baby when he died...
Mommy and daddy were really sad....
They told me the same thing....
That Robby was so perfect that God wanted to keep him...
Why can't I be perfect too?
Why doesn't God want me?
Is my hair not curly enough?
Are my cheeks not rosey enough?
Am I ugly?
I just want my mommy...
And daddy....
And Robbie....
I hope mommy and daddy can see me....
Can you hear me?
Will you wait for me?
I promise ill be perfect someday!
I will!
Don't find another daughter!
I promise ill be there soon!
I'll be pretty like you, mommy!
And hard working like daddy!
And quiet like Robbie!
I promise!
I'll be perfect too, someday.

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About The Author
About This Story
4 Mar, 2012
Read Time
1 min
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