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I'll Help: Revenge Part 4
I'll Help: Revenge Part 4

I'll Help: Revenge Part 4

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Reid's POV

“So, I might have, maybe, accidentally adopted another child,” was all Reid heard but he was already running down the hall to Flint’s room.

“You did what?” That was Everett.

“Why?” came Willow’s voice. It wasn’t condescending or angry, just generally curious.

“Isn’t five children enough?” Of course, Flint would say that; not like he was the most recently adopted or anything.

Reid’s reaction was excited, maybe he would get a younger sibling, and stop being treated like a baby. It didn’t matter that Callum was younger than him, he was trained. Callum got to the door at the same time he did.

They both went in Reid excited while Callum was poised and proper, it looked strange on a five year old. He almost appeared to glide into the room. It always sort of freaked Reid out.

“How old are they?”

Bradford looked apologetic, “He is twelve. Sorry, Reid. Looks like you're still the baby of the family.”

“It’s fine. I’m used to being the baby of the family. Even when I got a younger brother I was still the baby.” Reid was very good at pretending and lying. He always sounded so sincere and he kept so many secrets. Like the one he was harboring now; his new hobby. No one could ever find out about his hobby, not because they would make him quit but because they would be so dis appointed. “Maybe I’ll get a younger sister.”

“So,” Bradford began, “Dante is a young man who I have recently encountered on the street and I have been given permission to foster him.” He was bringing everyone to the foyer and there stood a boy that had obviously lived on the streets. Introductions were ready to begin until Callum said, “Your part of that gang.”

“How do you know that?” the boy returned.

“I’m Dryade.” The room descended into chaos.

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23 Mar, 2022
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