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I'll never be good enough

I'll never be good enough

By LoneNlonliness

I'll never understand it. Why do girls always seem to go for the ones with good looks, power and domanince. I'm something of a different inspiration. I always seem to find myself in a worry of doubt that I will never be good enough. So alone and lonely that the only answer to the pain is temporary relief, drugs and alcohol.

Clean for 2 years and the relapse sets in. It's as if I'm gone and forgotten just as quickly as you knew me. All of you just forgot me as if I was a speck of dust on your shoulder. When will you realize I am never the one that aided you in your time of hurt, in your struggles. I was the support beam to your life. That was the problem, we never seem to really think we are good enough for anybody.

Nobody deserves me because I don't even deserve myself. I hate myself, my appearance and all of the above. I will never understand the understanding that lies in your head. Where is the answer? Beyond the question no doubt.

Liars. All liars. A story of how we all come to be gone but never forgotten, but I'm the different story.

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14 Apr, 2017
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