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Illegal love chapter 1

Illegal love chapter 1

By resie

Jeff sits in his room doing his homework at his desk. This is Jeff's last year of high school and he cant wait till he graduate. He has long black hair that comes down to the side of his ears. He has on baggy blue jeans that drags the floor and a white hane's t shirt that come's a little bit past his waist. He looks up and counts how many times the ceiling fan spins around. He always loses count after five though.

" One more month." Jeff says aloud to himself.

He gets up and stretch his arms upward. His bones make a crackling sound as if someone walking through snow on the ground. He grabs his notebook and walks over to his bookbag hanging on his closet doorknob. He unzipping's it and put his notebook in it so he wont forget it tomorrow. Jeff hardly ever wear his bookbag to school though.

He just carries his notebook half the time,unless he has math homework,if so, he has to carry it just case he needs his math book. He than flops down on his bed and feels something shaking underneath his stomach. It moves upward first, than downwards, and finally side to side.

"What the?" Jeff said as push himself up with his hands. "Oh."

It was his Iphone and he had eight miss text messages. Four from his sister and four from his girlfriend.

"Man, what does she want this time." Jeff said talking about his girlfriend.

Jeff than get's up off his bed and walks to his sister room. But before he goes there, he walks down the stairs and looks out the living room window blinds .

"Wow, she's not here yet. So why she text me than." Jeff said talking to himself aloud.

He makes his way back upstairs. He walks past his mom room first and looks into it. His mother was never home due to her work. Sometimes she would just leave and never even tell Jeff and his sister she was leaving for work. Jeff had to miss school sometimes because she wasn't always home taking care of his sister, so at times he would have to.. Sometimes Jeff girlfriend would help out but he seen that she didn't like it, so he stop asking for her help. He walks past his room,than the bathroom, till he gets to his sister room.

"Claire, are you woke? Jeff said knocking on her door. I'm sorry about not replying to your text messages. I was doing my homework and I wasn't paying any attention to my phone."

Jeff hears soft footsteps moving around in the the room. He than hears a door shut in the room.

"Claire are you going to open the door? I don't wanna have to stand out here all night........again." Jeff said with a brief pause.

Jeff puts his right ear to the door and he hears what sound like soft coughs coming through the door.

"Claire come on, I know you're to trying keep yourself from coughing so I wont hear you. You act like I'm here to take you back to the hospital. Remember me, you, and Mom agreed you wont go back unless its a emergency because we know you hate it there." Jeff said with a faint smile.

Jeff than hear what sound like soft footsteps again coming through the door. He hears the door unlock and opens a little bit.

"You promise." A soft voice says.

"Yea, I know you hate it there so why would I want to send you back there." Jeff said smiling through the crack opening of the door.

It gets quite after a few seconds. Than you only hear the creaking of the door opening up. Jeff see's his older sister in a white nightgown that comes down to her knee's. She has on no socks because she like the way the wooden floors feel in her room. She has short dirty blonde hair which use to be long but got shorter due to her illness.

"Claire, where are your pjs?" Jeff said looking away from Claire body.

"Whats wrong with this Jeff." Claire said looking at Jeff while not looking at her.

"Nothing, it..its just that....I'm not use to seeing you wear something like that, that's all." Jeff said stutter.

"Hmmmmm? Claire said looking at Jeff turn red. Its ok Jeff, you can come in."

Jeff walks into Claire room but not before getting one more glance at Claire's nightgown. He looks and see's she has her laptop out on her bed with the top lid half way down. Her sheets are all mess up. Usually their folded nicely across the bottom part of her bed.

"So Claire did you need my help with anything else before I go to sleep. You know I have to get up early bec." That's all Jeff could say.

"Yea." Claire said rudely.

She looks at the back of Jeff's head because Jeff looking at her laptop on her bed. Claire was always that way with her little brother ever since they were younger. That's what Jeff thought about her. A rude older sister with a terrible illness. That's why it never bother him the way she is.

"Well, what is it?" Jeff said wonder.

Jeff hears something softly drops to the floor from behind him. He turns and see his sister white nightgown on the wooden floors of the room.

"Claire, what the hell are you doing?" Jeff said loudly while turning back around quickly.

Jeff moves a couple of inches forward away from Claire. Jeff has millions of questions running through his head trying to figure out whats going on.

"Jeff I need you to measure my body so I can get these clothes from offline." Claire said calmly to a panicking Jeff.

"What?" Jeff said pushing his head back looking up at Claire's ceiling fan. "Can't you get mom to help you out with that kind of stuff." "Why me?"

"I would, but she's not here and there's no telling when she'll be back home." Claire said taking a couple steps towards Jeff.

"But can't yo.....?" Jeff stop himself and thought, what friends. She always been stuck in the house or in the hospital due to her illness.

"Huh?" Claire said wondering why he stop talking.

"Nothing." Jeff said turning around and walking past Claire.

He stops just before he get's past Claire because she reach out and grabbed his wrist. Her fingers feel cold for once Jeff thought to himself.

"Jeff, please I really want these clothes and I really don't know my body measurements." "Don't you want me to look nice Jeff?" Claire said pleaded with Jeff.

Jeff continue to look forward not turning back after being grab and hearing what Claire ask him to do. His whole body is in front of him while his right arm is being held back. He was looking at Claire room door which was a couple of feet away but seemed like miles away.

"Jeff?" Claire said in a pleading voice again.

"Ok Claire, but how am I suppose to do this." I don't know nothing about women measurements, and how am I suppose to measure you anyway?" Jeff said with his eyes close and thinking.

"You just have to measure my chest, waist, hips, and inseam. I have a tape measure in my drawer you can use." Claire said gripping Jeff wrist.

Out of nowhere Jeff's throat start to get tight and his heart began to jog from his chest. Claire walks over to her drawer while still holding on to Jeff wrist. She opens the drawer and begins to search for the tape measure while pushing her old hospital papers out the way.

"Hey,hey,hey, be careful with your hospital papers." Jeff said still looking away from Claire.

"Why dumbass?" Claire said before stopping her search.

"Because you may need them if som......" He stop after feeling a tight grip around his wrist. Nothing nevermind Claire, did you find it yet?"

Claire begins looking again but still couldn't find it. She than checks the second drawer and finally finds it.

"Ok here Jeff." She said handing the tape measure out to Jeff.

Jeff who's still stuck looking forward not wanting to look at that tape measure takes a deep breath, turns and see's his sister in bra and panties. Her body looks weak as if she been starving herself for days. Jeff wants to look away again but doing so would upset Claire. She slowly let his wrist fall down to his sides. She look into Jeff's eyes while Jeff eyes looks through her petite body. She was a little shorter than Jeff. If they hugged she would be just underneath his chest area. Jeff grabs the tape measure from Claire.

"It would be better if you get on your knees, since you're taller than me." Claire said in low sounding voice.

Jeff takes his eyes away from his sister body and looks down at the wooden floors of Claire room. Why did she have wooden floors when he had carpet in his room he thought to himself. Jeff slowly ease down to his knee's with his right hand first,than the left. He widens the tape measure out to make sure he has it the right way.

"First you have to measure the inseams, that's right here." Claire slowly rubbing her hand up the inside of her thigh till she get to her white panties.

Jeff looks at Claire's soft smooth hands slowly go up her thighs. He knew her hands were soft because Jeff use hold them while she was in her hospital bed telling her to get better. Jeff eyes slowly follow her hands like a lion watching it prey. Jeff grips the the tape measure and hold it vertical going up and down the inside of Claire thigh. Claire feels Jeff warm hands slide against her inside high. She doesn't know how to react since she never felt this way before. Claire look down at Jeff hair and began to remember it always longer when they were younger and hers was too. Now its the complete opposite of what it was.

"OK I have it Claire. Whats next?" Jeff said looking at Claire thighs.

"Next is my hips." Claire said rubbing her fingers around her hips.

Jeff looks as Claire slide her fingers from her front hips to her sides. Jeff widens the tape measure out again to make sure its the right way. Jeff wraps the tape measure around Claire waist like a belt. And gives it a little tug. Claire honesty body jerks forward hitting Jeff in the face.

"Argh." Claire says after hitting Jeff's face.

"I'm sorry Claire I didn't mean it, are you ok?" Jeff side quickly turning his face to the side.

"Yes I'm ok. Claire said with a faint smile.

Claire felt something she haven't never felt before, a kiss. Even though it wasn't on her soft lips, it hit her body sending awes through it. Jeff continue to measure her hips as his lips begin to tingle from her stomach. They felt warm but cold at the same time too.

"Got it Claire. What's next?" Jeff said looking at Claire's flat stomach.

"Next is my waist." She said putting both hands on them.

"But aren't your hips and your waist kind of the same measurement ?" "I mean I don't know nothing about women clothes but with men we just go by our waist size." Jeff said rubbing on his cheek with his index finger.

Claire looks down at Jeff.

"Yes, I guess they are the same." Claire said rubbing her finger from her waist to her hips.

"Well I guess that's it right." Jeff said slowly standing up.

"My chest." Claire said rubbing her finger between her breast.

Jeff slowly return back to his knees. He widens the tape measure out to see if its the right way for his last measurement.

Jeff looks up at Claire breast and see's her white bra for the second time. Her breast are round and natural. Claire puts an arch in her back to give Jeff a little help. Jeff wraps the tape measure underneath Claire B cup breast. He stops for a minute to look into Claire grey eyes. Claire looks into his light green eyes gleaming through his black hair.

"Argh, you touch them." Claire said in a soft voice while looking into her brother eyes.

"Huh, no I didn't." Jeff said standing up looking into Claire's eyes .

"But, do you want to?" Claire said looking up into Jeff eyes.

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