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I'm Afraid

I'm Afraid

By actingmadison - 1 Review

I've been bullied from second to eight grade
And ever since I've been afraid.
I've been afraid of what they think of me.
I've been afraid that they won't see what I want to be.
I want to be pretty and I want to be kind.
I want to be loyal and I want to be fine.
I want to stop crying and put on a smile.
I want to be like that for a while.
I don't want to be trapped in a room.
I don't want my mind to go boom.
This is what I feel.
People always seem to steal.
They steal emotions and voices.
But those are their choices.
I need to be strong for my brother and sister.
I have to be strong for my listener.
If you are like me.
Be who you want to be!
Don't care about what people say!
Sit still and watch them go away!
You are beautiful and one of a kind
And now we are intertwined!

Author Notes: This was my first poem that I wrote in a week. These are true things about me. I have been bullied and still am teased. I don't fit in. For anybody who is going through this...I love you! Somebody always will love you no matter what! Even if you think nobody are wrong! You are beautiful and are one of a kind! Don't forget that! Everybody who is here belongs you! <3

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17 Feb, 2017
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