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I'm Complete With My Friend

I'm Complete With My Friend

By Patriciamaeaoyang - 2 Reviews

I am Ricki and I cannot walk. I was born with a disabiliity they call polio. I have a friend named Peter and he was born blind. Our families are both poor. Some people call me and my friend "The poor tweens" not because we look like each other but because we always are with each other playing, singing and working. You might wonder how! Youmight ask, how could they work if they are both disabled? The answer is that we become each other's lost body part. I am his eyes and he is my feet. He will carry me on his back and I'll tell him which way to go. Whenever we play, I'll tell him every good thing I see around and he will tell me how he feels when we walk. Sometimes, I can see how Hard it was for him to carry me all day long but he will always say. "I will never be tired of you my friend. With you, I can see. With you, I can imagine how the world looks like and I can feel how happy it is to have eyes though I don't have them." It makes me feel so worth it. I will always tell him, "Thank you for your presence my friend. With you, I can travel miles and miles from home. I can feel the happiness of having been able to walk though I cannot do it without you." I know in my heart that I love my best friend and I am complete with him. Before the day ends, we will sing our favorite song-- I'm Complete With My Friend. We composed the song. here it goes, "I, I, I'm complete with my friend. For he, he, he is always there for me. For he, he, he, he is my best friend. So i, I, I, I'm complete with my friend!" That song truly makes us happy. See! How happy we are despite of our disabilities because we always look at the positive side of things. Maybe God gave us these Disabilities because we are ment to be friends who will help each other all their lives. I hope the world will never change to worse because I don't want to describe the world with bad things for my friend. It will destroy his beautiful imagination about the beautiful world he can only see with the eyes of his mind. I am complete with my friend!

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15 Jan, 2012
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2 mins
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