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I'm having a bad day ):

I'm having a bad day ):

By Poet

Hey, Readers. So today: Not MY Best Day. I wake up at 4 am. I get my hair done all cute, and I am leaving for school. Right when I arrive, I see nobody is at school. Wondering why, I checked the clock to see what time it was: 4:32. I drive back home and eat something. What was it? Fiber One Bars. Fiber One Bars are known to make you fart, and it DOES stink. Trust me. Well, I didn't know this, this morning. It started to kick in, about 8ish. But, I'm not there yet, so I am eating this and it was really good, don't get me wrong. Anyway, my cat crawls up my leg and sink her claws into me. Ow?! I am still eating my bar, and a bug crawls onto it... A BIG BUG. I had no idea untill..
CRUNCH. In my mouth, a big bug. Ew?! So, I remove this gross, wet, DEAD, bug from my face hole and continue to eat. (Boy, am I oblivious to like everything?) Well, here comes 7: 36, so I am leaving for school. get to school at like right around 8:00. I open my locker and a book falls on my foot, and it swells up to like the size of a fricken poo! (lol, I dunno) Anyway, I continue down the hall, limping. A cute guy comes up and says 'hey' And of course RIGHT NOW is when the fiber takes action a gross fart? YES. He gradually walked away. (CRAP) So, I get to my English class and I have a sticky note in my seat saying 'kick me'. I picked it up and threw it on the ground, but my teacher got onto me for "polluting" the ground. And she passes out our grades, F. Nice.. I am gonna skip the rest of the middle, it was just as bad., but it's too long. Anyway, I come home, my dad is yelling at the TV because Spongebob and Patrick were fighting. (Are you serious? My DAD. watching SPONGEBOB? hahahh. WOW)
Okay? My friends come over and see my crazy dad and leave, scared. As I am going to my room, I slip and fall on the stairs. Ow?! Anyway, I get upstairs, after falling, and in my room is my pet hamster. I pick it up and wonder how it got out. It bit me... and I started bleeding. I wanted to lay down and take a nap, but my hamster wouldn't stop running on it's wheel, and the wheel was very noisy. Nice, AGAIN. I got to hear this for a while. yay! I finally fall asleep, but I wake up at like 9:00. I have to do homework. I never even ate. Wow. This was the WORST day, ever.

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10 Apr, 2011
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2 mins
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