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I'm Heading Over the Rainbow
I'm Heading Over the Rainbow

I'm Heading Over the Rainbow

apemannAndy (Formerly Apemann)

(I'm Heading) Over the Rainbow

It was fun while it lasted
In spite of being lambasted
For original, unpopular views
That folks would not choose
To agree with or to share
Because they would not dare
To go against the flow:
Can't do that, oh dear me, no!
Better just to follow the herd
And to never, ever say a word
That might be seen as original
Goodness! That won't do at all!
God forbid people might disagree
That is so very unseemly
And to think that someone might be upset
Why, that would be the worst outcome yet!
No, let's play it safe and nicey-nice
That's got to be the best advice.
"Don't make waves, don't cause a fuss
Cos that upsets certain one's of us"
Seems to be the unwritten rule here
Enforced by intimidation and fear.
What's that you say? "That's not right!"
So tell me what happens whenever there's a fight?
The heavy press of the censor's finger
Makes sure that nasty words do not linger.
At the press of a button all the badness is gone
And the Protected Few can carry right on
Blithely doing what they always do:
Taking the piss out of every one of you.
Well, my presence here and what I have to say
Has run its course; has had its day.
No more controversy, upset or distress
I'm leaving here under duress.
But what the hell, I gave it a good go
Now I'm heading over the rainbow
Where all the nice people apparently reside
And where individuality died
Out of terminal boredom and ennui
I doubt I'll fit in, but I'll give it a try
I've had plenty of practice trying to fit my face
Into somewhere where it's always been out of place!

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About The Author
Andy (Formerly Apemann)
About This Story
15 May, 2016
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1 min
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