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I'm In Love With My Enemy

I'm In Love With My Enemy

By Partygirl72

I love the one I hate

Ugh, he was a total jerk first he ignores me, then he starts making fun of me, and know his world isn't complete without him ruining day, and we used to be best friends. It went on like this for years till senior year it was only the second day of school and I already had had enough.
It was lunch I went and sat at the table in the corner waiting for Olivia my new BFF, when he walked by. "Look at little Lyssa sittin alone. Does she need a friend?" he teased me. Everyone laughed. Olivia came over and sat down and he said "Oh look baby Olivia is friends with little Lyssa" Olivia put her head down. She never would have been teased if she never became friends with me. I looked at Olivia and saw she was about to cry and right then and there I decided to end it. I stood up and yelled at him. " WE USED TO BE BEST FRIENDS WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? YOU SAID BEST FRIENDS NEVER LEAVE WHEN A BETTER OFFER COMES AND YOU DID! YOU DO KNOW YOU WOULDN'T EVEN HAVE A GIRLFRIEND WRITE KNOW IF IT WASN'T FOR ME. YOU WOULDN'T EVEN TALK TO HER SO I DID FOR YOU! YOU THINK BEING PICKED ON IS HARD TRY BEING PICKED ON BY YOUR BEST FRIEND!" I was on the verge of tears everyone was staring at me when I reached for the necklace he gave me I took it off and through it on the ground saying, "here's your necklace back, you already broke that promise." and before I ran out of the cafeteria I heard him say " you kept it all this time?" I knew at that moment I had hurt him.

I ran out of the cafeteria out the doors and behind a bush. This was our bush we would always come here as kids. I sat down and started crying thinking of the day he gave that necklace.

It was 7th grade, we knew that people would tease us for being best friends so he made a promise. We were behind our bush. He was sitting while I was Lying down with my head in his lap he was stroking my hair. "promise you always be there for me. " he said " I promise," I responded, "now promise me you'll never leave even if a better deal comes along" " I promise he said then he reached in he's backpack and pulled out a home made necklace that said C & A 4EVER. "Whats this for?" I asked "to remind you of the promises we made. " he stated "what about you?" I questioned "seeing your smiling face everyday is enough" he replied. 2 years later and he forgot, I never did. 2 years later and he left me, but I was always there for him. 4 years later everyone but me forgot we were best friends. 4 years later HE forgot what I did for him, and everyday I'm reminded of this.

I reached down to my neck to hold my necklace, when I remembered what I'd done. I'd reminded him and everyone else of what we were something I swore I would never do. I started crying again, when I heard foot steps. I saw he's shoes, but it couldn't be him. I looked up and it was. He came for me, why. He hates me, he hates my attitude, my style, my body , my brain, he hates everything about me so why would he come to me? "you kept it all this time" he said "of course I did" I responded "why, I already broke my promise" he said I stood up so I was face to face with him, well as close as I could get as he was a little bit taller then me, and said "but I never broke mine" I started to walk away as a confused look came across his face "just remember somebody loves you" I said and left him standing there thinking of all the notes in his locker, the emails from a stranger, the texts from an unknown phone; thinking of the one who loves him.

I saw him walk into class. As soon as he sat down his girlfriend came and sat on his lap. She leaned in to kiss and he said "no know baby I'm not in the mood" "what know" she said "nothing, do yo love me?" he asked. "of course I do baby" she replied. "then look in my eyes and say I love you" he said. She couldn't do it "I thought so" he said " we're through" he added. He looked devastated. She just got up and sat in her sit across the room. I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote "just rember someone loves you" on it and dropped it on his desk as I went to sharpen my pencil. He opened the note read it and smiled he looked up at me and I saw his true smile a smile I haven't seen in a long time.

After school I was waiting for my ride when I felt some on grab me I turned around to see him he grabbed my waist and said "it's you" he said "what…" he pulled me close, leaned in, and kissed me. There was so much passion in that kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. He pulled away and said " I love you Alyssa" and I said "I love you Chase"

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1 Mar, 2013
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4 mins
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