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I'm Lost?
I'm Lost?

I'm Lost?

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It was a dark night and the forest was silent. Not even the birds shed a pep or the wind scream. The warm, misty air snuck into the den. Today was the day I could venture out with my mother. They usually brought back lizards, rats, mice, rabbits, and hares when they could catch them. If the hunt was a bust they'd bring back berries and bugs. Today I could learn from them and show off how much practice I had with my siblings. We use to prance around outside and play Hunter (tackle).

I tried going to sleep but seemed to stay up nearly all night. When I woke up after an hour of sleep I was ready to hunt, but my leash had already left me behind. I followed there sent as far as I could until I got lost. the trees where tall and I knew I'd wandered deep into the woods. The sky grew dark with clouds covering the sun and the rain poured down. Sound of Thunder and sight of lightning frightened me. I couldn't find a shelter and the rain made it impossible to get home. Lightning struck, barely missing me, but hit a tree in the process. The forest was on fire. I was terrified by the Flower and ran as far as I could. I ran past so many dens and nest, but I was too scared to stop. I started barking as I ran, so the other animals would wake up. When I for out of the forest I saw man.

They looked different from what I was told by my skulk told me. They tried to approach me, but I growled and backed up. I didn't know how close the fire was and backed up into it. It spread fast and I ended up whining and running. I fainted from the burn and was taken in by a man. He treated me, but I missed my family. A few weeks later I was taken back to my family and the man disappeared. I never saw him again. I learned my lesson not to leave the den without a way back though.

Author Notes: Can you guess the animal? I put keywords/hints in the passage. Have fun playing the guess game everyone and let me know what you think of the story.

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3 May, 2019
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