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I'm Mad Reviews

4 reviews have given an average rating of 5 out of 5 Stars
maryhellige gave a rating of 5

very brave and true words

IanG gave a rating of 5

You're entitled to say we still don't have an ideal world without being stigmatised for it.

AaronTheRocker gave a rating of 5

As a man, this was hard for me to read. The thought that men think of women as sex-objects, lesser and weak just perplexes my mind. It doesn't make any sense. Everyone should treat everyone with respect and dignity whatever status may be given especially women because my belief/value is that men were created to protect and help women as the idea of Adam giving Eve his rib. I feel horrified for you that you believe and think that this is just how men are towards women. You writing this is one step closer to not only help yourself overcome this, but also for others out there that may feel or experience the same. Because the only way to overcome an obstacle is to make yourself stronger. Last to end with, know that there are men & women out there fighting the good fight for all people.

Black Sheep gave a rating of 5

I love this. It is so brave of you to finally say something, this is not a man's world. It is ours


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