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I'm Not Perfect
I'm Not Perfect

I'm Not Perfect

hazel_basilhazel basil
2 Reviews

I'm not perfect

I'm real

I have blemishes on my face

I have stubbornly frizzy hair

I have the plainest eyes you could imagine

I can only wear a crop top on a day where I haven't eaten at all

I have a loud laugh

And a LOT of enthusiasm

I won't shut up when you tell me to

In fact I'll talk louder

I try to be as good as others

But no matter how hard I try I can never be

I put on an act of confidence

And I act as if I have no insecurities

As if whatever you say could never bother me

As if I'm strong

As if I know who I am

And as if I know what my future holds

I'm told that all the things I hate about myself is what makes me loved

That people love me for my laugh

My enthusiasm

My stubbornness

I try to believe it

I'm a work in progress

And what I tell myself is

I don't have to be perfect

Just be real

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hazel basil
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17 Feb, 2022
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