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Im only dad went to heaven today

Im only dad went to heaven today

By sweetmoon

This story happen 10 years ago. My name is misery and this is my story when i just turn 10 years old. I never met my mother and i will never will, My father was a strong young man who raise me.

It was my 10 birthday and i could still, hear my father crying in my shoulder. That day my dad went to buy me a cake and i stay at home praying to god. I fix my school clothes and cook from what my dad had teach me. He teach me how to walk, how to cook and how to clean the house. Have you ever met a father so perfect? i did.

My dad love me and everyday he would let me know. He used to be a police officer but he left the job because he learn to raise me.

Back home i was still waiting for him. I waited and waited for days and days. My father never once brought my cake. I no longer had food and i was really hungry. When i went outside to look for my father i got lost. I did not know the streets i walked by. I found the park that my dad toke me when i was 9 years old. An old garden that no one went to visit anymore.

I found my father. He was sitting in the bench and i yell at him. I was so happy to see my father. I touch him, his cold skin did not move. I yell and yell. I got no answer from him. Later after pushing him so much, he fell to the ground. His face fill with blood and a gun shot in his head.

After that the police found him and his best friend family toke care of still finding the person who killed my father....and the convict will pay...i'll make sure to kill him in the most painful way....but just ;ast year i found my mother....i thinked that maybe she killed him....

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31 Mar, 2011
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