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I'm So Glad You're Real

I'm So Glad You're Real

By The_Call

He pushed his hands forward in hopes that she won’t disappear. As soon as he touched her, she faded into nothing. He looked at his hands and suddenly he shot up. He looked at his surroundings. He was in his room. That is fine. He checked the time and the alarm goes off. He got on clothes for the day and headed to work. He went to the office and the boss said, “Show this new person the ropes.” The boss pointed to a woman. He suddenly recognizes her from somewhere.

He was telling her and noticed her white laced shirt. Her eyes looked like they had another world with her wide eyes. He told her, “Let's do something after work, yeah?” She nodded and looked away.

After work, he walked to her and they went to the rooftop, he told her they could do something fun. When they got there he told her, “Okay, so basically, we go to the edge and spit on cars. It’s fun.” She looked confused and he pulled her to the edge. She looked all the down, leaning to close. I pulled her hand back as she wouldn’t fall and then I remembered my dreams. A tear escaped my eye and she asked, “What’s your deal?” He looked at her and said, “I’m just so glad you're real.”

Author Notes: So this is my first story here, it's not long and do I care? Not really.

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15 Apr, 2019
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1 min
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