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i'm sorry, I will always love you

i'm sorry, I will always love you

By paopaomikmik

One night my uncle aunt and me had to go to a party. as we arrived at the party i was so excited because there were lots of food. i like we left we took the long way home. my uncle drove on the freeway. i asked my aunt "hey. can you buy me a new phone. all of my friends have phones. most of them have iphones. i always get jealous everytime i see them. plssssssss." i want it for my bday." as my bday came i got so excited to see my presents. as i opened the last present i said to myself "ohhhh..!!! this must be it. my applephone." as i opened it was surprised to see that it was just a pair of pants. i said to my aunt "i told you i wanted an iphone!!!.. instead i got a toy,a book and a pair of pants from you! your useless. i hate you." in the next week my aunt told me she was going to boston to see her parents. several days passed and she still hasn't arrived. i tried to call her but she doesn't answer. i called my grandparents and they said she hasn't arrived. they thought she decided not to visit anymore. i asked my mother where she is and she told me. i'm so sorry. but we didn't want to tell you this. your aunt has died in a car accident 10 days ago. as i heard that i tried to keep my tears from flowing out of my eyes. i hurried to my room and cried so hard. i covered my self with a pillow so that i can't be heard. her funeral was sent at my grandparent's house. i didn't even came to her funeral. i only came to her burial. it was my turn to say my thoughts to her and i said. im so sorry. i didn't mean to say those things to you. i'm sorry, i will always love you until the ends of the worlds

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9 Jul, 2011
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