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I'm Still alive part 1
I'm Still alive part 1

I'm Still alive part 1


Hello, I'm mia and this is my story I woke up hot as heck I go to the bathroom and grabbed a towel I wipe my face not noticing someone's watching me from the dark hallway I feel eyes on me so I turn to the hallway and all I see is red glowing eyes starring at me [mia] are you okay..? Whatever was starring at me didn't say a word so I just acted like it wasn't there I walk to my room and jump on the bed I turn on my phone and look at my massage's I see what I have never seen before I had an unknown number on my phone I start thinking it probably was one of my friends changed their number so I call it and it was so I walk back to the hallway but this time It looked like it was blood in the eyes I snatch the thing out of the hallway and I just see a doll that I never bought before so I run to my room and throw it out my window I turn around and go back to sleep.

Author Notes: Mia is not my real name that is just for the book And part 2 coming soon

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3 Dec, 2021
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