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I'm a Survivor!
I'm a Survivor!

I'm a Survivor!

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I'm a survivor of the ww1 attack.

Though it was a very sad war I never gave up that I will make it.

everywhere I look all I could see was smoke from their guns, cannons.

every gunshot I heard was a terrifying thing all I could do hearing it was pray that someone will not hit me.

I have prayed and prayed that someone will stop this fight and make peace but from the yelling, sounds of guns, cannons I don't think if I do something I might get hurt.

One night while I was asleep I didn't hear any more cannons, gunshots, or yelling I look up and I see that the war has ended.

Now that I see the war is done I can come out and get some food and water and be glad that we are in peace and that there will be no more war.

That was my life 50 years ago and ever since that day I was no longer afraid of anything and I hope that my story has made a big difference in your life saying "you should never give up no matter what you are dealing with".

Author Notes: May all of those who have fought for us get some respect never forget that we are tough as they were.

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7 Jan, 2019
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