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I'm Your Shadow Reviews

3 reviews have given an average rating of 5 out of 5 Stars
sabi gave a rating of 5

Why are you so good at poetry?

mokymoky gave a rating of 5

Well written my guy.
or gal idk.

Optimism101 gave a rating of 5

Op. It's a nice story, poem? I think it could easily work on both levels. Anyways, I like it! I can't truly relate, but I know people who live this sort of life, and the redemption is great, but beforehand it is absolutely terrible. I hope the lifestyle does not pertain to your profile name :P. Anyways(again), I think it was nicely written, and overall, I liked it! Definitely can change someone's thought process. Well, I think that's enough of a review for now. Keep writing! We will keep reading!

Shadow Thank you so much Optimism101! Your review makes me wanna write more stories (or poem? Idk) about karma, revenge, sad lifestyle, and more!
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