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My Imaginary Friend
My Imaginary Friend

My Imaginary Friend

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When I was young I had a very active imagination. So when I was four or five and I saw the dark figure with red eyes in my room I suspected he was just from my imagination. I could tell he was about the hight of a teenage boy and had a fit body. At first, I was scared of him. He would just stand next to my bed and watch me with his glowing red eyes. Whenever I told my parents about him they just told me he was imaginary. Soon my fear of him stopped because I thought I had made him up.

Around my eighth birthday, my imaginary friend vanished. I was saddened that he wasn't watching me anymore, I had grown to feel safe underneath his watch. But soon I forgot about the teenage figure with glowing eyes that would watch me as I slept.

Years later when I was about fourteen my family moved to a small city in the U.S. I struggled to write because of my dyslexia and soon my friends and I went out of touch. I also had no friends in the U.S. because I was to shy to talk to anyone at school. After a year of loneliness, I started feeling suicidal and stared avoiding my own family. That's when my imaginary friend came back.

I was not surprised at all when I started seeing him sitting on the bed starring at me with his glowing red eyes. I was still being told that I had an overactive imagination so I just assumed he was not real. I also could see him much more clearly now that I kept a nightlight in my room, He was a muscular teen that wore a loose long-sleeved t-shirt and tight jeans, all black. He had shaggy hair and you could see his fangs when he smiled.

He also talked now. He would say "Hello" when I noticed him and tell me goodnight when I started feeling tired. Soon we were having full conversations. He liked to hear about my day and things I was into like a show on tv or a book I was reading. He rarely ever talked about himself.

I was sure I made him up. I never touched him and I couldn't actually hear him, it was like he sent his thoughts to my mind. but he made me happy and gave me a reason to live.

During my senior year, I made a friend named Matt. Matt and I hung out often and we were often on the phone together. My imaginary friend stopped showing up. I was upset about this but I understood that I had made him up because I had no friends and need to talk to someone. I was happy with the time I got with him.

I graduated from high school and Matt and I went to the same college. After college, Matt proposed to me and we got married.

I am grateful to my imaginary friend, but I'm starting to wonder why he was the only imaginary friend I came up with. I also wondered how my imagination was so real when I was almost an adult. I didn't really think about whether my friend was fake or real until Matt told me he had woken up and seen a figure with glowing red eyes watching us.

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28 Aug, 2019
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8 (View)
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