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By TheWeridDuckling

"Leah! Hurry up we need to go." her mother shouted. "Sorry mother, let me wake up Jenna first!" It was quiet for a second, "Alright! I thought i woke her up earlier but she probably fell back asleep!" That seems like her honestly. Leah and Jenna walked down the stairs after getting ready, "We're ready mom" She just looked awkward and uncomfortable. "Mother why do you always look uncomfortable?"

Her mother was taken aback. "I don't know what you're talking about Leah, you two better hurry up and get in the car." Jenna and Leah walked towards the car, their parents talking in the background, it was confusing on how they never act normal they always act uncomfortable and it hurts my feelings.

"Hey Jenna?" Jenna looked over to Leah, "Yeah?" Leah was thinking of something to say, "I'm just starting to think that mom and dad hates us, because they are so uncomfortable around us." It was silent, Jenna just nodded, just as Leah was going to say something more the parents got into the car.

"Ready to go girls.?" The girls both smiled and nodded. "Yeah lets go father." They started the car and started driving somewhere. "Sweetie how old are you now?" the mother asked smiling but still focused on the road ahead. "Oh i'm turning..16 why?" That was a confusing question.

"No reason just sad my baby is all grown up now that's all." She just kept focusing on the road. "Mother, whats the real reason?" It was quiet, Leah could tell that the mother was hesitating to answer. "Well.. you see your father and I have been worrying about you, you're 16 now and you should be growing up not having an imaginary friend."

"Mother what are you talking about, I don't have an imaginary friend." Jenna looked over at Leah and shook her head 'no' as a thing to not ask anymore questions. "Jenna! What do you mean don't ask anymore questions?" Leah pouted. "I said don't!" Total silence, "Leah.. Jenna isn't-"

"Jenna isn't what?" Leah asked. "I told you not to ask anymore questions Leah." The car started to shake. "Jenna i'm sorry! I'll stop asking questions just calm down!" The car stopped shaking. Their parents just look at Leah worried. "We're taking you somewhere Leah, somewhere where this creature can't hurt you." Leah wanted to ask questions, but she stayed silent, nothing would matter anymore if Jenna was angry.

Leah had always complained to her parents that her sister, Jenna was being mean to her and hurting her. The parents just bent down to her eye level and said "Tell her to stop being mean or shes grounded." They just played along with her up until now, they were tired of this happening, because normally all children stop getting thier imaginary friend at like 8-10 its been years and they were tired of waiting.

They decided to take matters in their own hands and called a doctor, who told them what to do. "Leah.. tell our parents that if they don't stop the car i'll kill you." Leah just looked over at her. "Jenna what-" She started looking angry again. "Do it." Leah nodded. "Mother, Father, Jenna said stop the car.. or she'll kill me."

The car went to a stop and they turned around smiling, "Well we're hungry anyways lets stop and eat lunch until Jenna calms down okay? She seems like she just wanted us to stop the car, no need to worry." Leah nodded at their words, she looked over at Jenna, who looked pleased.

"Leah can you do me a favor?" Jenna asked. "Of course I can do you a favor Jenna." The parents weren't listening they were just whispering in the front. "I want you to kill mother and father." Leah's eyes widened. "Huh? You want me to what?!" The parents just looked back at Leah, back at eachother and nodded.

"Leah please.. mother and father want to get rid of us both.. so lets get rid of them first," "That way we can never leave eachothers sides.. we can be with eachother forever." Leah nods. "Mother, Father, Jennas ready to start the car again. They nodded and started the car. "Jenna you get mom.. ill get dad." "Leah i told you to do it, i can't im too scared!" Leah nodded thinking of a plan.

"Jenna can you protect us both if we go down a hill?" Jenna nodded and looked away from Leah, even she could tell that Jenna had a evil smirk on at the moment, but Leah ignored it. Leah undid her seatbelt and reached in the front and grabed the steering wheel.

The parents started yelling and trying to pry Leah off the wheel, when they went off road and down hill, at a very high speed. "Jenna!" Leah looked back at her worriedly, no one was there. Her eyes widened and realized.. she was the imaginary friend, she never had a sister. Apon realizing that she let go of the wheel.

"I'm sorry.. Jenna told me too and i believed her." The parents who were screaming earlier stopped. "Sweetie.. you forgot to realize this too." the mother said. "What is it?" Leah looked at her confused, why did she stop screaming? We are about to die. "We're imaginary too." They disappeared. I was suddenly at the wheel, when did this happen?

The car finally made impact with a tree, the airbag came out hitting Leah in the face. The pain from the wreck and suffocating from the airbag was too much for her body, she took her final breath, thinking she still had her family. Turns out she had no one and they were all made up to make her suffer more in the end.

Author Notes: You can give feedback if you want. Anyways I hope you enjoyed reading. :)

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24 Aug, 2021
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