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Imagination is the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful. You can explain imagination as the action of forming new ideas, images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses. Imagination is your virtual world where you can do anything you like. You can be a king, beggar, princess, businessman, animal and whatever you want to be in this world. You should always do wonderful things which are free of cost, like imagining things. From Sputnik 1 to International Space station, humans are using imagination and knowledge to make many unbelievable things. The term imagination comes from the Latin verb ‘imaginari’ meaning to picture oneself. Imagination is done within a private sphere. No two person can imagine the same thing thus no two person have same ideologies. Imagination is the basic need for every creator. For making an art, you have to stretch your thinking capacity. Imagination is thinking beyond the limit. It has no rules and regulations to follow. It is a strong power but some people misuse it. There is a limit for everything. Some people imagine whole day about the good things that will happen to them at some point in future. Their imaginations are full of greed, lust for powers, love and many unwanted things. Imagination is a good thing but you can’t do that all day long. Some people become sad if their imagination did not come true. They become stressed and depressed because they think what they visualize will become true someday. The thing is without practical work nothing will change, not even your future. You have to work for your imagination to become real. You have to compile knowledge, creativity, hard work, passion, vision with imagination for getting success. As I said, imagination is limitless and bondless. Everyone imagine this world differently. If you are taking one step towards imagination then you have to put the other step in reality. You can imagine good things all day long but you have to accept the reality. So, it’s completely your choice to work on imagination or making your reality better.

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5 Nov, 2020
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