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Imagine You Are a Parent

This story has some quality issues

Imagine You Are a Parent

By Millionshatterpieces

Imagine that your a Parent to a child that is a victim and bullying. She have been feeling depressed. Everyone at school hates her. Guys try to make her think they like her, but they only do it to break her deeper into her hole of depressing thoughts. Everyone calls her fat, ugly, stupid, worthless, and useless. She couldn’t take it tonight was they night all she had to do was wait. As the night rolled around the moonlight was shining of her tears of sorrows. The chair standing high as she placed it down. The weak and shaking hand throws the rope around her soft neck. She knew that she could never be save. Her arms was slash with a wave of cuts that slit her wrists. She blast the music so no one hears her cries. You as the parent hears the music. Each step you take brings you close to the victim. As you open your baby girl’s door you fell to your knees. You realize she just put the music on a few seconds ago. You undid the rope around her neck. Your Eyes gleam with all the emotions you had; happy, sad, angry, scared. You didn’t care for your tear flowing down your face for your baby girl was alive. You notice the tears she was trying to choke back. You brought her closer to your open arms. The next day she when back to school everyone was laughing at her stupid attempt to kill herself. She ran to the bathroom and slit her wrist wide open. You heard what had happen to your sweet baby girl. You fell into a depression. The fact that you did nothing to save her but only that one time.

Author Notes: I Love this story I made.


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28 May, 2019
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